Father's Day At The Track
@ Summit Point Raceway, Charles Town, WV
Photos by Matt Reeps

June 17, 2001

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Summit Point Raceway Location Map
Summit Point Raceway
P.O. Box 190
Summit Point, WV 25446
Tel: (304) 725-8444
Fax: (304) 728-7124

OK guys it's a GO.  I finally heard from Jeff Janoska of the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America).  On Fathers Day, Sunday June 17, the SCCA will set up a Car Corral for the WAIL Club and any of our friends and family that would like to join us at the Summit Point Raceway in Summit Point WV.  They will give us a roped-off parking and viewing area right next to the track where we can be with our cars and watch the races at the same time.  It's the best viewing area on the track.  All week-end the SCCA will be running one of their regional MARRS (Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series ) races.  We'll see lots of different class cars go at it, including a lot of A/S (American Sedans)    like Mustangs, Camaros, Cobras, Vipers, Vettes etc.  The cost is normally $15 per person but SCCA has arranged to get us $10 discounted tickets.  Kids 12 and under (or kids that can pass for 12 and under) get in free so bring your kids and their friends too.  Racing starts at 8:30 AM and goes until around 5 PM.  I'll probably have to get the discounted tickets ahead of time and then mail them out.  Keep in mind you can still show up at the last minute if you can't commit right away, you'll just have to pay the regular $15 rate.

It's Fathers Day so you should do something for yourself or your Dad too if he's around.  Bring some folding chairs, sunscreen, hats, stuff to eat and drink (or buy eats at the Snack Bar), cameras, and get those Impalas polished up.  For those that have never been there, Summit Point is only about 30 minutes past Harpers Ferry and it's pretty easy to find.  The drive out there and back is very enjoyable too once you get past Frederick.

We've got 10 Impalas and about 30 people.  WHO ELSE WOULD LIKE TO JOIN US?  Please reply to  Gary @ cardargd@erols.com.   I'll provide more updates as we go.

POC: Gary Carderelli


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