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Med One Health Plan

[now Sierra's part of HPN]
(Columbia H.C.A. and Dr. Ghanem)
2800 East Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada

The position was made available to me by the former head underwriter of Sierra Health Services (Pat Sherer) who moved to Med One when there was a major and unanticipated cut-back at Sierra that affected us both. Med One was an alliance of Dr. Elias Ghanam's TPA operation of captive medical clinics and Columbia, H.C.A.. It was started when Sierra would not enter in to provider contracts with Columbia's local provider hospital, Sunrise Hospital, and the Doctor's TPA was for sale. Eventually, Med One was sold out to Sierra Health Services disposing of Ghanam's TPA and saddling Sierra with a Columbia contract. This position lasted until a few weeks in advance of the sale to Sierra, at which time the entire staff was terminated. I reported to the President, Lowell Foster.

Job Duties:

WRITING SAMPLES: Grievance Resolution / Marketing Piece / Rx Policy Rider

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