Chad and Nathan's Car Stereo Website
This Webpage is about two guys from K-Fry, who like nice cars with loud stereos in them. There will be pics of our cars and our friends cars on here and will continue to grow until we cant fit any more pictures on here.

Nathan's Vehicle:
1998 Dodge Neon Expresso
5 speed
fully loaded
Audio Components:
Pioneer DEH P7200
JVC Coaxial speakers
Lightning Audio S2.500 Amplifier
4 Lightning Audio 12" Subwoofers
Ungo Alarm system
Varad Scanner
Lights and other accessories as well

Chad's Vehicle:
1989 Ford Mustang LX Hatchback 5 speed
Fully loaded, power everything, sunroof.

Audio Components:
Panasonic DF88
MB Quart 4" Coaxials DKC110
Factory JBL door and rear speakers(for now)
a/d/s P240 Amp
Sony XM752 Amp
2 Cerwin Vega, Vega Series 12"s
Alarm system and Varad scanner
Numerous lights and accessories
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Marion Graham Graduating Class of 2000
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ICQ# 85104424
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This is the Pioneer  DEHP7200 CD Receiver in Nathan's Neon.  Look at the Dolphins Swim!!!
This is the view of the trunk from the outside.  The amp is a Lightning Audio S2.500 with dual cooling fans and a remote bass control under the dash. It pumps out 500 watts RMS. It is powering 4, yes 4, Lightning Audio 12" Subwoofers in a custom box that takes up the entire trunk.  The Amp is leaning against a custom amp rack which is incorporated in to the box.
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