Lucies Farm Ltd. is located in sunny Worcestershire, England and is the home of pedigree Highland and Aberdeen Angus cattle raised in the traditional Japanese Kobe style. Our ultra-luxurious beef can be ordered via the internet, and is shipped by overnight courier throughout the United Kingdom. To visit our secure shopping site, please simply click here.

From 1998 until May 2002, we manufactured poi --- a staple of the Hawaiian diet --- in Honolulu. I have personally continued to maintain the poi site because of the large number of visitors who stop by each day. If we couldn't bring real Poi to the World, then I thought we could at least bring information about poi to folks everywhere. What's poi? Click here to find out.

We've recently purchased a Guernsey "house" cow, and now have the most delicious fresh milk each day. We have recently helped The English Guernsey Cattle Society to update its website. Want to know more about this noble breed? Please click here.

We banked with Coutts & Co. in London for 18 years. After we discovered they overcharged us (net) over £13,000 in interest, they refunded the money and then, shortly thereafter, gave us thirty days to leave the bank. I thought long and hard about writing a letter, but ultimately wrote a website. To visit, please click here.

As my life goes zinging past me, I've created a website of daily photographic images: a "photoblog." It's very enjoyable either taking the photo for the day, or finding one from the archive. Please let me know what you think: just click here.

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