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Wanbli Tate and Broken Arrow Gallery in Blanco Texas have been serving the central Texas area since 1991.Still "the" Art Gallery in Blanco. We offer Native American Breastplate and chokers made from beaded buffalo bone hairpipe and buffalo horn hairpipe in many sizes and styles. Huichol Bead work . All in all offering the most authentic collection of images and objects in the spirit of Native America available in any art gallery in the state.

Owner and artist in residence Wanbli is an award winning Lakota artist who creates amazing mixed media art and offers his originals and prints for sale at the gallery.Wanbli was formerly Vice Chairman for the American Indian Relegious Rights Foundation ( ) for four years till health required him to resign .

Other fine artist represented at the gallery are John Falcon Founding member of Austin AIM and flute maker, Sherryl Ellis , Dorothy Anderson , Walter Stewart , Darlene Pinchorn , Larry Man Called Bear , Wolf Dancing .

Also offered are sage , cedar , sweetgrass , tomahawks ( recreations) , war hawks ( recreations) , pipe hawk ( recreations), pipe stone and music .

We are also home to the Wounded Knee Memorial . A collection of sculptings by Walter Stewart , honoring those killed ( murdered) at wounded knee. A page on this memorial will be added in the near future. PBS did a special on this group of sculptures that was filmed on central Texas and Pine Ridge South Dakota. Its called " People Of The Hills" . Has been shown several times

Broken Arrow Gallery is located just south of Blanco Texas at 1773 U S 281 South . Next time you plan to visit central Texas visit Blanco and the Blanco State Park and Broken Arrow Gallery . Just 45 min. from Austin and San Antonio.

We are open Friday , Saturday, Sunday and Monday form 10 - 5 . We are not a " Native American Art Gallery " as prescribed by federal regulations nor do we claim to be . We represent members of federaly recognized tribes but also ndn's from non recognized tribes , like the Lipan Apache . Now we all know they are skins but uncle cant seem to figure that out .We also know our brothers and sisters north and south of the boarder are our brothers and sisters and sell many of their works . We also buy a lot of items at wacipis( pow wows) and cant vouch from where they came. And we buy from traders who come through the gallery.

Art lessons are offerd weekly .

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