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To April Angel's Home On The Web
I am so happy you decided to drop in to look around.
My name is Wanda, aka: April Angel.
Some of you have asked how I came by the name April Angel. And here is my answer.
I have a beautiful grand daughter who was born on April 17, 1998,
and who died on my birthday, April 11, 1999. "She is my April Angel"
Her Name is:
Victoria Stephanie King
On the coming pages you will meet Victoria, her Mommy and the rest of her family...
My Family.
Thank you Ruth Ann for this beautiful award!!
Just a sample of some of my Poetry
Page 1- Memorial To Mama
Page 2- Memorial To Vickie
Page 3- 2nd Page of Vickie's
Vickie's 4th Birthday card
Thank You Heart Nuggets for this
lovely angel
My First Letter To Victoria
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The Compassionate Friends of Atlanta
Page 4- Kami's Page
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