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(parents -Hans Schenkel & Anna Konig)

Mr. Bartholome Schenckel's
[Pastor at Meerishusen ]

We, the Mayor and Council of the town of Schaffhausen, proclaim publicly and announce mainly by this letter, that today, on the date stated at the end of this letter the honorable and scholarly Mr Bartholome Schenckel, our faithful and beloved citizen, at this time Pastor at Meerishusen, has made known to us by a document which was read to us that often he has been thinking about the condition and the dangers of this passing pilgrimage into which man came by the fall of our first parents that in this vale of misery he has not only no permanent stay, but - having become mortal through innate sin and having to pay the wages of sin - there is nothing more certain than death and nothing more uncertain that the hour of it. Therefore he decided after the deathly attack, after previous counsel and thorough consideration, also while still in good mental health and intelligence and being still quite able-bodied to establish a will, signed by his hand and sealed with his personal signet, in order to prevent possible future tensions among his children after his death.


Although a testament can be subject to change during a lifetime for reasons of changed circumstances, can be increased or decreased while the testator is still in good mental health, I, Bartholome Schenckel, order herewith for better understanding, knowingly and well thought about, to leave the testament as it was originally set up by my wife Elsbetha Bachmanin, completely abiding to all of its paragraphs

However, as my sons are not acting like brothers toward each other and are fighting terribly about the inheritance, and Ludwig took advantage of me, his father, even deceiving me as well as his brother and taking by his fraud the whole house, front and back, which has four rooms. And he expulsed his brother Peter and threw him out permanently. Therefore is has become necessary to change the first sale with him and I name Peter as first heir at his side within and also outside the usual common division of the inheritance.

(To Peter:)
The 300 Gulden, set aside by a letter (testament), which my wife Elsbetha Bachmanin was to have for her widow quarters all her life or if she wanted or if she wanted not to marry again. Yearly income from her widow quarters in the house in the back which they shall use because he, Ludwig, did not want to have the mothers in the house, but brought them only trouble and sorrow which they did not dare to made known, and because he - from very young on - has cost me much more than Peter. As soon as Peter married, he (Ludwig) wanted to become the heir. He did not want Peter to have a room to himself (of which there are three), and I had to buy him a small house extra.

Although Peter, an uneducated, poor and oppressed man, did not want to lose what had been given to him, yet he had to sell his little house on the Steige due to his poverty and the hunger of his family.

So that Peter, his four children (it is not known if two of them are dead or alive) and his wife have a roof over their head and do not have to live miserably in the street as his brother won't have him in his pleasant home - and so that they will not be robbed of their ancestral home which has been in the Schenckel family for two hundred years according to nearly all documents, I give to Peter and his heirs my small house in back "To the Hinderen Schenckel" with all this includes like the yard up to the Reverenter (Heimlichen Sitz*) and also half of that to-use as it is being used by the others, including all that still may be found there in the way of household goods, beds and bedding, the table with a stone tabletop, trough, weir, open for use. Only the books and what goes with them (shelves?) in the little house shall be sold bv a trader in Merishusen and the resulting money be evenly divided.

I give the above named little house to Peter, including the belongings and the list thereof, the house having no liens, for one hundred Gulden and not above that amount under the condition that he allow passage and use without restriction to the people in the front part of the house 24 hours a day.

On the other hand I give to Ludwig all of the front part of the house with all three rooms, bedrooms, small rooms, basement, top-floor, and all it includes up to the Reverenter (Heimlichen Sitz.) and half of that for eleven hundred Gulden, including the Real Estate Tax payable to the local monastery of All Saints which comes to one Gulden. and three Shillings yearly as it has been given to me by my family. I have remodeled it so that anyone living in the back part of the house can pass through the front part to the well, to church, to the market according to his need 24 hours a day without bothering the inhabitants.

I am not counting what I gave in cash, bonds or grapes or use of the house or rent as this has been previously listed neither what I gave to the Partey daughter Maria, an uneducated person, or what has been damaged in the front part of the house.

Whosoever does not like this disposition may sell or keep his part without damage to the other.

The rest of the household, the investment in the hospital shall be divided peacefully and brotherly and they shall live their lives as Christian brothers.

I, Bartholome Schenckel, their father, have written this document truthfully in this bad form with my own hand and sealed it with my own signet.

I am asking humbly to give your consent for God's sake and for resulting peace and to ratify and confirm the above and to choose to respected gentlemen as witnesses. For this task I would like my dear co-councilman Mr. Hans Jacob Hoffman and Mr. Hans Jacob Peyern to be named.

After having read, heard and understood the above and having agreed that it is not unsuitable and having found it in order, we confirm. the above herewith and order it enforced now and later. And that, according to the wishes of Mr Bartholome Schenckel, his co-councilman Hans Jacob Hoffman and Hans Jacob Peyer be his witnesses and shall, if they are alive after his demise shall execute the terms of this will.
Signed and affirmed this day of our lord and savior Monday the 28 of February one thousand six hundred and forty eight.

zumWegeyssen, da sie auff diesen begebnen fahl in Leben sein werden, dass darob gehalten werde, darzue verordnet, und erwelt, Ihn Crafft und Urkhundt dies brieffs, den wier mit inserer Statt Schaffhausen Secret Insigil (doch derselben, uns. Und unseren Nachkomnen in alweg ohne schaden) offendtlich bekrefftigen lassen, Montag den 28. Monats tags February nach Christi unsers Erlosers Seligmachers Geburdt gezehlt Ein Thussendt Sechs hundert Viertzig und Acht Jahr./. Date Monday the 28 day of February, year one thousand six hundred forty eight (28 Feb 1648)

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