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     parents Phillip Michael Shenkel 1683 - 1721 
          & Maria Catherina Franck 1685
    (grandparents Batheolomeus Schenckel 1645 & Anna Appolina Beckinger 1646)

HENRY SHINGLE Land Record of 1767 Chester County Pennsylvania

{author's note : this land was acquired by Henry, was sold to his son Jacob and later became the SHENKEL KNOLL CEMETERY}

" The land upon which the church was built was purchased from a tract of land known as Shenkel's farm. The land which is at the present time known as Shenkel Burial Ground or Cemetery and, in addition, upon which is built the Shenkel Church (see year 1837) was part of a tract of 147 acres and allowance which Thomas & Richard Penn conveyed to Henry Shingle, 23 December 1767

Henry Shingle's will, dated 11 March 1784, authorized his executors, John Smith, to sell this tract which was done by deed dated 12 May 1787 to Jacob Shinkel;

the land is described as being bounded by lands of John Potts, founder of Pottstown, Eve Wanger and John Kerlin.

"The burial ground proper was fifteen perchess long and eight perches wide and was conveyed by Jacob Shinkle and Susanna, his wife, in 1808 for the consideration of one dollar to Henry Shinkel, Absalom Baer, John Lupole and Jacob Switzer Jr, as joint tenants and to the survivors . . for the use, benefit and behoof of the subscribers to a certain association whose names are endorsed on this endenture (48 names attached) for the use and purpose of a burial ground or graveyard and of a way passage from the great road to the said burying ground and for the use and purpose of the said association if they should so resolve to erect and support a school house."

The oldest tombstones in the cemetery are those of R Addams and I Addams, dated 1741

Family oral tradition says there were Indian burials here prior to that time

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