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My name is April. I live in Minnesota. I've lived in my house all my life. I write and illustrate many stories. I like many kinds of music such as pop, hip hop, rock, R&B, and so on. If you didn't know, I'm 10 and in 4th grade. I'm much more mature than my friends, but still act my age (or even younger) once in a while. I play in a band with my very best friend, Laura. The name is inspired by my favorite computer game, Sims 2. Our band name is "The Double Plumbobs". I play electric guitar "freestyle" and Laura plays piano/keyboard. I've made a few C.D.'s and make a few music videos here and there. I wish to be famous. I fanasize about it all the time. albinoblacksheep.com has flash videos and I wish to make one like that some day. If you have requests about songs for me to play, e-mail me. The greatest dream I have is being famous so when you get your request or I send you a movie or song, don't hesitate to send it to your friends. Please spread it around for me! My style is tomboy. I shop in the boys section. I act like a boy too. I play rough and go sledding, skiing, skating, and do many other sports. I make comics also. You can request those for me to send to you. I love to be active yet I'm always on the computer. Don't forget! I want to be famous in any kind of way possible so root for April the artist, movie star, and singer!

Here are some pictures of me and Laura:

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