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Supposed to be a flying wing but looks too much like a normal figher; single exhaust, twin 20/30MM cannons, canopy ejection.
Flying Jet wing -
Lifting Body Fighter -
A lifting body fighter. I was not satisfied with the Flying Jet wing I attempted to make so I took it apart but in the end came up with this; twin exhaust, 30MM cannons, canopy pod ejection.
Lego machine gun -
A heavily modified version of a Lego machine gun I found  on the internet. It was very fun to build and I suggest that anyone who has the parts and time to try it. I'll be willing to provide any help you might need. My version of it is  more reliable because I plated the barrel, magazine, and action with smooth plates. Many thanks to the original creator.
Lego MG action -
Lego Diesel/Electric submarine -
A D/E submarine I built. The sail is about 20 feet high off the deck. Instead of long and sleek I made one that is wide  and short. Four  or six forward tubes and 2 aft.
M2A3 Bradley
A wheeled version of the M2A3
Bradley that I made with Lego parts. Why? Because I wanted a tank to run the minifigs over.
Convair XFY-1 Pogo
A bad version of the Convair XFY-1 Pogo experimental VTOL. Just Google the name, very interesting aircraft
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Kenneth King, 2003
The Original Lego Machine Gun
No one ever loses their fascination with Legos, they are interesting.. You can create so many different things with them.  It is hard to explain.