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bull-pup revolver (horrible sketch)
Raven Assault Rifle-1   (RAR-Mk1)
Erebus Land Vehicle (ELV)
Raven Assault Rifle-2  ( RAR-Mk2)
Materials copyright
Kenneth King, 2004
Plasma Weapons concept
Raven Munitions Industries
Raven Munitions Industries  is a coporation which exists in alot of my writing (thought it is often not mentioned). It is the maker of most of the military and mechanical devices and weapons which I have drawn.

Some of these drawings are outdated and will be updated/replaced with newer ones.

If you have any questions or want to talk, contact me through my email at the bottom of the page.
Moth VTOL Fighter
Boar Omni-pistol
K98K Bullpup
Bulldog BP Mk.2
8x20mm SMG
8x30mm BPSMG sketch
Kiley 8x30mm BPSMG
8x20mm SMG (retractable)
15mm Assault Rifle
Rifle action sketch
IMLRS 40mm
Liberator Mk. II
M52 Assault Rifle
M72 Gauss Rifle
Steam airship
Zig-3 nuclear-steam-powered  car
Stadtzerstoerer Tank
Marker Pistol