SKS Project
I created this page mainly as a reminder and as something to get me to do this and not just let it fall by the wayside like so many of my other projects.

Anyway, what is an SKS?  The SKS is a battle rifle developed during WWII and adopted in 1945 as the "Samozaryadnyj Karabin Simonova 45" or the Simonov Self-loading Carbine of 1945. It is a fairly cheap rifle with cheap ammo and very good reliability and reasonable accuracy up to medium ranges. It is in the same section as the M1 Garand or the FN FAL rifle. Not to be confused with an assault rifle like the AK-47, Steyr AUG, or the FA MAS. For far more detailed (and better descriptions) you can go through the two links to the left at the top.

My reason for creating this page.. I intend to attempt to build a bullpup stock for my SKS. It's a Chinese-manufactured Type-56 (I believe) with the usual machined parts. Right now my plans are for removing the comb from a beaten up stock I will get somewhere. I will then by  a rather large block of wood and cut it to shape and cut out a groove in it to hold the remaining portion of the old stock. It would then be glued  and screwed together (using recessed screws). The trigger linkage would be ran inside of the stock for obvious safety reasons with the new trigger/grip assembly just in front of the magazine. I don't intend to change the magazine in anyway as I intend this to be a "sporter" rifle in the end.  It will be made legal to the best of my knowledge. A length or around 28 inches is what I am going for, 12 inches shorter than the standard rifle.  I have yet to decide on what type of trigger linkage  I will use.. It will probably end up being either being a pulling connecting rod or a wire.  You might wonder why I don't simply cut a bullpup stock from scratch, well, that's not as easy as it sounds. That would mean my cutting the outside part of the stock (the visible portion) and then figuring out how to make the internal spacing and cutouts to hold the actual rifle. If it is too loose you can have a dangerous stock and if it is too tight, it can damage the rifle or prevent it from operating properly. I think you can begin to see why I'm going the route I am at first. I think that is all at the moment.

Right now this page is blank but I hope to soon have a few images up and maybe some text explaining some facets of the project. If you have any information on other SKS conversion projects (past or present) I would be grateful if you could please email  me with the information. I know there are several other people out there who have built custom bullpups out of SKS carbines but I can't seem to find any contact information for them.  I don't intend to hide anything at the moment (for future patents, manufacture, etc) mainly because I doubt someone else could duplicate what I am trying to do and get it to work, if I do at all.
bullpup conversion
Modern Firearms and Ammuntion's page on the SKS carbine - The best website on the SKS's bullpup page - A very useful page.
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