-We've seen the time forthcoming,
We've felt the rattle within our bones, To cast off our nether shadows, And dance amidst the unknown.

-We touch the stones that carry us, As we measure the path through time,  Erupting crests of solemnity,  Through our birthing planes they chime.

-I have caught the wind inside my soul,  A thunderous, billowing heat,  Stirring passion's fire,  Within my heart,  Behind my eyes,  Shivering tingles pulse my hands and feet.

-"A gracious time, " the Shadow says,  "Let's toast to each new day,"  "Forget the trolls that pester us to interrupt our marvelous play."

-And way off in the distance,  Where my minds eye sees it to be,  An ageless soul is watching,  Inspiring us to be free.

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