This is a Home Page to my many links.  Now computers have NEVER been my strong suite but thanks to GEOCITIES I can LOOK like I know what I am doing!
I am a huge supporter of
America!  Also to EDOUTREACH and my college peeps.  If You are from gtffc or hs, i love you too!  and hillie, tanya, jaimers, ri, kerbear, ur the best!  much love to the fam as well.

i thought i would use this page to be my home and put down some links u guys can hit!   dont forget to check out
america and sign the guestbook.
best of luck my friends!  happy searchin the cite.  hope i bring a
smile or two! 

this may be a WIDE arrangement of things,but hey...itll make it interesting for all huh!  ok...
happy hunting!
Some of my pages....
about me
hello kitty
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