And so it was, the first line of Ar'Tesha the monarch pairing with Aubri's cavalry, and the battle was swift. The supporters of Aubri were cunning, strong, and good battlers; wise to the ways of spar. Ar'Tehsa's loyalties were well-matched. They were about fallen when the second force of Ar'Tesha's followers swept through, taking Aubri and hers by surprise. This relief cadre was not tired, and ready, and matched the opposition when combined with the original force. The battle did not last long, after that. When many of Aubri's followers were pent, Aubri herself confronted Ar'Tesha and would have murdered her and whoever else she could in her last stand, had she not taken an honorable course.
  &nsbp; "Wretch," she screamed, "You have beaten my followers and my forces, and we are quelled. Kill me as you will, for none other has been able to do so, and this rebellion will be quelled." Perhaps the darkened queen had some trick in her mind, or some devilry decided, for it was doubtful she would offer herself for death. She was the sole monarch of hell; how could she die? Ar'Tesha possibly saw through this, however, and called back with wisdom.
    "You will live. Take those who shall remain loyal to you, if they are such fools, and take your Zenana. As spoils of war, I will take all other lands but your Infernal Zenana. You may reside there as you wish, but I do not want to see you on my lands, you nor any traces of you. I will have vigilance upon those borders, and much room between, and if I see any of your kind, may you regret your rash decision. Remember this day, and this night, for it was during this daystar's watch that Aubri and her followers were defeated, and this nightstar's watch that Aubri and those who still followed her were banished. It happened once, and I would not hesitate to do it again, and possibly take all your lives!" In the dying light, Ar'Tesha and her finely patterned bodice were obscured, but her voice was clear. There was a responding cackle from Aubri as she deemed this response foolish, and a crack sounded as a heavy foot laid itself to Ar'Tesha's poll.
    "Foolish words you cry, and you shall regret them. But I will go, and may my followers come behind me, unless they do not fear my wrath at abandonment. Yet, as I am feeling unparticularly jolly tonight, I will not blame any weak-willed beasts that leave me, as I seem fallen. I will not remember their names and seek vengeance. They are free to choose without my threat hanging over them. To those who shall, come with me to our own Zenana. It is ours, if nothing more." And before any had found the ominous form of Aubri, although they had tried, to punish her for her attack on Ar'Tesha, there was a resounding thunder as lightning divided the obsidian heavens, pregnant with somber clouds, and the harridan's sable figure could be seen soaring towards the Zenana, cackling as she went.
    When struck, Ar'Tesha had fallen to the ground, unconscious, and the faithful Ky'Desha chieftess, Twisted, had rushed forth to check upon the mistress and found her still breathing. She then rose finial aloft and cried out,"All will be welcomed here, regardless of who you followed. If you can swear to accept Ar'Tesha as your queen, you are not exiled to the Infernal Zenana. Make your choice with wisdom." And there was much cheering of Ar'Tesha's victory.

    And so it was, the war settled, and the threat of Aubri lifted from the haven of switchblade. This might be temporary, or it could be for the long years, none do know. Blood clad the lands, paintingit scarlet, but that was unimportant. The time of the rebellion was long gone, the time of the battle passed, and now was the time of red paint, and rebirth.

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