Whether you arrived here via a link on my profile or via a search engine, I hope you will enjoy your visit here, and that you will sign the guestbook before you leave. This site was created for the purpose of displaying my writings: Poetry, short stories, and more. All of the work here, including the graphics are originals, and it is for this reason that I ask you NOT to copy any of it without permission from me first. My intention is not to offend anyone, though as we all know, it is simply impossible to make everyone happy and I know that a few people may find some content on this site offensive. **WARNING: Some of the stories contain graphic language, violence, and sexual content and may NOT be suitable for younger viewers.***

At this time there is not much content here, this site will be worked on as time permits. Some things you will find here include a bio page, a photo gallery--including a page dedicated to my dearest friends. (**The opinions expressed here are mine alone and in no way reflect the opinions of Yahoo, Geocities, or any of their affilitates.) There will also be a small "religion" section, this section will take you through what I experienced when I felt there was something missing from my life, and how I came to find the path that I now follow. Eventually there will be a links page as well as other items that may be of interest. Feel free to look around. Please check back often for new content and updates. Please sign the guestbook before you leave. Also, feel free to Contact Me with comments, suggestions, gripes, etc. Thank you for visiting, have a nice day!!

If you are interested in any of the graphics please feel free to contact me and I will send you the image files.As graphics creation is a hobby. Eventually there may be a section on this site where you can download graphics sets.

This site will continually be changing, so do check back for new content. Have a beautiful day.