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We were married April 3, 1993 and moved to the Ozarks in September, 1993.  We found Dees' Dream in 1994 and have been here since!..
DEES' DREAM  (Golden, Missouri) Emerald Beach
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We love to fish in Table Rock Lake for bass, walleye, crappie and catfish.  We have been able to do the many things that we had dreamed of since we've been here.  We enjoy making things for gifts and to sell.

Wandra paints rocks, small egg-shaped gourds, and driftwood, clothes and canvas.  She is also a seamstress and embroiders clothes and fabric with her new Baby Lock embroidery machine.
T.Joe likes to fish, but also loves to walk the shoreline looking for "treasure" and rocks, gourds, and driftwood for Wandra to paint.  He is also an "Ole Miss Rebel" fan!  He likes to talk about old guns. (His favorite guns to talk about are the M-1 Garands).
Not only do we fish for bass, crappie and walleye, we also 'fish' for fish shaped rocks to paint!
More painted rocks