W e L c O m E to SAS Reference Page
SAS is a useful tool to:
Access, Manage, Analyze & Present
Almost all kinds of data across platforms and databases.

This page brings fundamental SAS reference for daily use.
For detailed information & accuracy, please consult SAS
manuals or V8 online reference. For technical support call
(919) 677-8008 (SAS Institute) or do key word search
from technical documents.

The page is still under construction. The gray links are going
to be added gradually.

This page initiated in June 1998.
Operating System
Unix System
VAX System
Windows System
DBMS Links
Oracle - quite popular
Sybase - good reputation
Teradata - Powerful tool
SAS User Groups
SAS Group Links
Bay Area SAS Group
North Texas Group
SAS Books
SAS books from amazon
SAS books from SI
UNC-SAS Reference
SAS guide from York
SAS Discussion
SAS-L Archives
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