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Wargaming is a hobby that combines military history with miniature modelling and playing with toy soldiers.
Wargames cover every imaginable period of human conflict from the Stone Age through to the far future. The most popular periods with wargamers are the battles of Ancient Rome and Greece, Napoleon's exploits in the Nineteenth century, the American Civil War and the Second World War.
People play wargames for as many reasons as the periods they cover. Mostly wargamers enjoy making models and painting figures of the people and vehicles of history and want to actually do something with them rather than just look at them. So what do they do? Fight battles of course!
Wargames rules range from the most simple to thick legalistic tomes, depending on the inclination of the individual wargamer. A typical set of wargames rules describes:
Wanganui Irregulars Wargaming Group
Meets once a month at memberís houses to play a game put on by the host. Members arrange other games between themselves.
For more information contact:
Phil Yates or Andrew Karl

Telephone: +64 (6) 342 4714 or +64 (6) 347 6682

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