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In Loving Memory of Larry Gene Ward

5-11-1955 to 3-24-2007

To Larry Ward:

Mountain born flowers with colors so true,
Each individual vibrating hue!
Grown in strange places, on rocks or dry ground,
You bring great beauty wherever you
’re found.

Beauty to walk in, it
’s for this we pray,
That beauty surround us on each new day.
Earth dwells in beauty, in mountain and field,
Desert and ocean their beauty do yield.

Yet greater than beauty, and stronger, is Love.
It is a gift that we share from above.
All objects around us Love
’s presence fills.
Strongest in Friendship we follow Its
’ will.

’s the marriage of two into one --
Just like the flowers that grow towards the sun!
For, like the flowers, true friendship will show
Love and great beauty wherever two go.

We walk in beauty and we walk in Love,
Flowers of reason with hearts filled with love,
Growing together from now till the end,
Always forever you will be my friend!


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