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Hi!  We are Tony and Kelly.  At the age of 30 (actually for her 30th birthday) Kelly had a hysterectomy which destroyed our dreams of becoming parents.  We have been married for 9 years and our lives have settled down but we are missing an important part of our lives....which would be a child.  We decided to adopt.  We are going to adopt hopefully soon (as soon as we find a child to adopt!!).  We will keep you posted!!!
Meet Tony.  He is a nuke on submarines with the U. S. Navy.  He is 36 yrs.  He enjoys family, friends, and golf.   Hopefully soon, he will complete his college so he will be ready when he gets out of the Navy.  He is a very sweet and loving person!
I am Kelly.  I am 36 yrs.  I enjoy family, our dogs, and I do play bingo once a week.  I am a stay at home wife because my husband is gone so much, I spend as much time as I can with him.  I like the time to keep my house clean too!!  I am 5 classes away from my BA in sociology.  I have volunteered for social services and also volunteered as a regional coordinator with a rescue organization for Old English Mastiffs.  I am currently the Ombudsman  with the wives club for my husband's command.
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