Are you tired of being with a voluptious woman...only to find out, when you have her in the bedroom, that she isn't as 'big' as she appeared?
Well...I am tired of being THAT woman!!
Before you exit this site, thinking that I am an idiot or a flake.... Please let me explain a little about how I decided to start my "New Boob Job Fund"....
While growing up, I have never been the type of girl to have large breasts. They were small, yet perky...overall...nice but nothing to brag about. When I became pregnant, my boobs became huge!! I'm talking DDs!! My boyfriend nicknamed me "Tits"...which, may be offensive to some women-especially those that have been blessed with large breasts-but to me..I LOVED it! I truly enjoyed having a chest. Unfortunately, that was short-lived and I am now even smaller than I was BEFORE I became pregnant. I am now barely an B...and sometimes drop to an A...and have lost the lift that I once had.
Now...I, like my small breasted counterparts, have become a master in the art of 'Boob Illusion'. Boob Illusion takes time, talent, and the right clothing attire. Thanks to modern innovations (such as the Wonderbra, the Waterbra-my favorite!, push-UP bras, push-TOGETHER bras, and the old standard-the PADDED bra) women can easily create the illusion of having boobs and cleavage!! Along with the perfect bra, you can accentuate the cleavage with the help of carefully applied makeup. YES....I have resorted to ALL of these tricks in order to appear to have beautiful, sexy boobs. AND...I might add..that the illusion always works (everyone thinks that I am a C cup) least is believed until the bra comes off! order for the illusion to persist, the 'tricks' cannot be revealed, so they remain hidden...beneath the Waterbra.  I am TIRED of hiding my breasts!! I want to show off a nice set of BIG, PERKY BOOBS!!! This is where I ask for help...
My cleavage with push-up and make-up enhancements. (6/03)
I am a single mother who is raising my son without support from his father. I have completed my Bachelor's Degree (which also means that I have started to pay back my student loans). I have always been an independent woman that will not raise my son on charity, especially government funded welfare. I have wanted to have a breast augmentation for many years prior to having my son...but the realization of knowing what it was like to HAVE boobs, made that wish an even stronger one. But...being a single parent, the luxury of a 'boob job' is merely wishful thinking. I have gone so far in my quest as to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon. He recommended that I get a lift as well as the augmentation. The cost for this is $6,031. As a single parent, this amount is astounding...and highly unattainable. The thought of saving money for this surgery seems so selfish. How can I justify such a surgery?!

I am not the type of person, unlike other women that I have known, that will date someone so that they can get a boob job from them. I would like to do it myself. But...I feel guilty using the money that I earn to go towards my surgery, no matter how bad I want it. Am I asking for someone to pay for my entirely....
I have decided to start a New Boob Job Fund. I am asking for donations of any denomination...$1, 5, 10, 20, 100 to help me get a new set of boobs! My goal, is $6,031...well, the $31 I can handle. I know that many people will think that I have a lot of gall to ask for money for a boob job. Yes...I suppose it does. I also know that there have been other people who have felt the way I do, but have been fortunate enough to be able to afford the surgery, that wouldn't mind donating $1.00 to help  someone else know how it feels to finally feel adequate in their body. 
There are men out there that wouldn't mind contributing $5.00 to help a beautiful, intelligent woman become totally sexy and a self-confident in all aspects of a relationship. Am I expecting to get my boob job entirely paid for? No..I'm not. Am I hopeful? Yes. Otherwise I wouldn't devote the time to the effort of putting out a webpage. I am not asking for a lot. I am just asking for some understanding and a little goodwill. For you, rather than buying that 2nd pop or coffee for the day, to send me the dollar instead.
If you would like to help me out in my quest for a new chest... Please send a donation through PayPal or PayDirect.
I also welcome any comments or criticisms, as I am sure there will be many!! Constructive criticism will be most appreciated, as this is my first website attempt. Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to visit my site and hear my reasonings.