Wang-Tang: The Agile Dragon
Age: 19
Height: 165cm (5'5")
Weight: 56kg
Nationality: Chinese
Fighting Style: Kung Fu
Stage: Tong-An Chukaryoriten

Power Drive (Transformed)
Ryu Ga Dan
Ryu Taifu
Power Fusion (Transformed)
Dai Ryu Gyoku
Mu Ten Ryu Bu

Secret File
Wang-Tang's name means "wonton" (wantan in Japanese), a Chinese dumpling famous for noodle soups. Originally, Wang-Tang is supposed to be Ayame's older brother and is part of the ninja clan but his design and henshin (transformation) didn't fit so Capcom changed his nationality to Chinese. Tong-An is actually a place in Fujian province, China called Tung An.

Power Stone (released February 1999/Capcom)
Power Stone 2 (released April 2000/Capcom)

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