The Dude is a weird old American guy we've met during our trip in Surfland (Marocco). My mate Chris and I (my name is Manu), we'd like to find him. I was about to drown myself and he saved my life. After we spent a moment at the camp together, he went back with us in Casablanca and the three of us had a delirious night in local bars and clubs. He even taught us an odd dance he created. He told us a little about his life. Really strange! He even claimed he was surfing with The Beach Boys during the 60's. The Dude seems to have knocked about the whole world. He knows all the spots of the world, many surfers and funboarders. We'd like to know some more about this guy. Moreover, Chris left him his jacket but he forgot he had some papers in his pocket. Now, Chris needs absolutely to recover these papers.

French Version

So! Please help us to find
The Dude. If ever you meet him,
it'll be really kind to send us an
e-mail and tell him to contact us.