We have three female Boxers their ages are 10 years old, 5 years old and 1 year old.
They are great around children of all ages, recently we had our nephews living with
us for about five months and they just loved them. They like to play ball or with all
their toys.

this is Cuddles she is 10 years old.

this is Daisy our 5 years old with our 10 year old neice

this is Ellie our puppy

Ellie was always falling off the bed
so Daisy took it up on her self to protect her
from falling off the bed,
and no we did not
move her leg at all.

This is Bandit, he passed away November 27th, 2000
from a Disease called Cushings Disease.

He was always so happy we miss him and love him very much