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-About EB-
EyeBall or pakikipagkita, ehh kung ako naman ang makikipagkita sa inyo
I will describe myself muna then...ikaw na at icocommencing EB sa kahit
saang lugar...huwag lang sa farthest place, then I will come on time as
soon as possible, just wait for me as 1 to 1 in a half hours, ok?


-About my personality-
Very friendly, yes that's right men!!!. I can solve the hardest problem
that you've been not solved...but it depends on situation, hahaha!!
hindi marunong manloko ng tao...minsan I'm a liar one or a true one
by the way, hindi mahalaga non...ang mahalaga, ang ugali or character ng
isang tao, yung bang maganda wala syang makakabangga.
So may pinag-aaralan tayo di ba? kung ano ang mali at ano ang tama...ok?


-More about me-
I'm Good if your good, I'm Bad if your bad...very serious person that you've
ever known. You can run but you cannot hide from me, I can SPY your do's,
I can learn the skills and I can council your problems, that would be ok if you
are so good to me, very sweet and very creative.


-My likes-
I like the girl if she is:simple or pretty, concern, good girl,
sweet, friendly, good environmentalist, mature and trusted person...(seriously) ^_^.
Note:The character is the number one from me, the second is physical
appearance and the last is your trust.


-About my course(BS Computer Science)-
Sa course ko naman, ika nga sabi nila ang computer science ay known as
"Computer Scientist" as of creating or inventing a programs...pero hindi
lang yan kundi BS Information Technology or "Internet programming".
Pero ang kaalaman ko ay ganito...ang computer science ay malawak na course
as of "computer programming" kasama na ang "Info. Tech." and as of my career!!!
The following Rules na karadapat-dapat na maging isang computer expert:
Rule #1. Wag magalit sa computer pag ito'y nasisira o may computer errors
sa program man o sa computer systems.
Rule #2. Kung alam mo ang procedure kung paano gawin ang computer make it
step by step technique para careful ka sa gagawin mo ayon sa mga iniisip mo.
Rule #3. Sa mga Beginners...walang taong bobo at lalong walang taong hindi
marunong, di ba? gawin mo ang lahat na makakaya mo...ok.
Rule #4. Be a computer lover.
Rule #5. Any software and hardware problems, please contact the system
administrator or the computer technician for more guides.


The Guidelines
-About the dangerous HACKERS-
HACKERS is a criminal law of computer ages, yet more Hackers are creating
viruses and damaging internet systems in the hole websites...wag nyong
tularan yan, as of computer environmentalist. di ba? think about what do
Hackers do damaging computer systems...?
-The following Hackers do's-
1. damaging computer systems and softwares.
2. deleting many computer files.
3. uploading viruses in the internet or in the softwares.
4. hacking many internet accounts in the internet.
5. destroys the operating systems.


- 3 ways Prevention of Hacking your computer systems.
1. use the NAV or Norton Anti Viruses for any version as internet update versions,
preventing internet viruses.
2. use your Security Desktops or a program that secures the computer systems
against the deleting files by hackers.
3. secure your E-mail accounts and internet accounts make them hard passwords...
as the hackers hard to bypass thier operations.


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