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This is the download site of the Star Wars Mod for Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun. I made the mod 4 years ago to keep me occupied when I had a lot of spare time on my hands. I did most of it in two weeks and hoped to keep refining it over the coming months.

Unfortunately, when I upgraded my PC Tiberian Sun stopped working and I never managed to figure out what the problem was. Nevertheless, over the years I have kept active with the guestbook and tried to help people every now and then through e-mails.

Recently I reinstalled the game to see if anything had changed. After downloading an update from a site I finally got it working again. It was then that I noticed the rules.ini file (which had been the god file for this mod) had been replaced with a MIX file called 'patch'. From what I can gather it seems all of the .ini files have been merged to create this file. I apologise if anyone was unable to play the mod if they were using this updated version of the game. I've now copied + pasted the files from the rules.ini into the patch file so you'll be able to download it from here soon
I still have the rules.ini file for people with older versions of the game:
Version 1.1 (53.4kb)
Like I said, I still read and approve submissions to my guestbook (and it's for that reason I decided to do this update). If you have any comment please post them: