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Formed on January 1, 1990 ‘Warblers and Waders’ is a forum of naturalists, working for the cause of nature conservation, based in Kerala, India. The prime interests of the organisation includes birdwatching, bird surveys, seminars and workshops focusing on preservation of nature and environment. Activities of afforestation, biodiversity monitoring and documentation of the findings of various studies on flora and fauna are also done periodically.
We have been conducting bird surveys and census to study the status and behaviour of avifauna of various forest regions, wildlife sanctuaries and wetlands of Kerala, India. For the past ten years, Waterfowl Census of the State has also been carried out by Warblers and Waders.    
Note: Warblers are small wonderful birds found in bushes and Waders are the birds found in waterfront.

  • Photo Exhibition
    Once in a year, on June 14,15 & 16, we arrange photo exhibition of Nature Photos by eminent Wildlife Photographers. All of them participate eagerly, not for fame but for the single aim – Nature Conservation. Usually it reflects the multifaceted branches of nature.
  • Surveys
    Bird watching camps are conducted periodically (many times a year in different groups) and the data collected is kept for future reference. By including many experts from whole Kerala a Bird Survey is conducted, mostly in December, in selected areas and a survey Report is published by comparing the previous data as well.

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