Warlock Collection

Year: 1977
Engine: 318 2 bbl
Trans: A727 automatic
Owner: Garrett Gray, Dallas TX USA
This Warlock is in the process of being resurrected from the dead. The wiring is the biggest tangle, but he is going thru all of the systems before making it pretty.

Needs: Template for the bed lumber or a bed kit. Also needs a decal kit.

Owner: Ian Gillespie
Engine: 1971 440 Super Commando (not original)
Ian will be providing a photo soon. But he has an interesting story about his Warlock:

"Yeah I have a dark green Warlock. Original colour, not paint tho. My truck has a 440 Super Commando in it in place of the original 400. I bought the truck with the 440 in it and didn't recieve the original 400. It has a 727-A tranny and a Dana 60 rearend with 3.54:1 limited slip gears. My truck doesn't have the exterior striping, but does have the interior striping. I have no pics of it at this time but will be taking some soon!

I told you that I have a 440 Super Commando in my truck...where it came from and why its in my truck...the first owner of my truck was a HUGE Mopar guy (can ya blame him?? :) ) and he had several sweet Mopars. One of them was a 1971 GTX. One day he was going to move the car from one place in his yard to another. Not paying attention, he put the car in reverse and jumped on the gas and slammed into a tree...

..So the guy isn't sure what to do with it and a few months later he runs into some financial trouble and drops the 440 in the truck and sells for quick cash. Thats how my truck got the Super Commando."

Ian is building a website about Warlocks and other things. You might want to stop by and see what he has to offer. Dodge Warlocks, Inc. I think you will enjoy it.

Owner: Brian Pacaud
Year: 1978
Engine: 318 2bbl
Brian will be providing a photo soon. But he has an interesting story about his Warlock:

"Yes I do own a true Warlock. I'm from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and I would also like to hear from other enthusiasts.

I own a black 1978 Warlock with gold pinstriping. It has a 318, 2 barrel, Oak bed and rails. Mine also has the wood on the box sides as does the Lil Red Express although I'm not sure if this part is original. My truck is also in pieces in the back yard. I drove it for 5 years and enjoyed it so much that I decided to a body off restoration. It is moving very slowly due to work commitments.

So far I have purchased all the Oak for the truck bed, side rails and side panels. I have had the seats re-upholstered and the frame has been sand blasted and painted. I have taken pictures of the process and will continue to do so but at this time I do not have any scanned. My brother has a scanner so perhaps we can make arragements to exchange pictures later."

Owner: Mike Saia
Year: 1978
Hi my name is Mike Saia, I live in the Northern New Jersey/ Pennsylvania area and I am proud to own a 1978 Dodge Warlock.

It is a 1978 Dodge Warlock. I bought it about two years ago for $500 from a guy I worked with. At the time neither one of us knew it was anything more than a cool looking old pickup truck which liked to guzzle down gas. It was running then but had a few problems.

It is still wearing its original bright orange paint with black pinstripes, and Warlock by dodge written on the Tailgate. Unfortunately, the last 20 years have put a few scratches in the paint, but there is no serious rust, and the body is in great shape. The body of course is the standard cab, with the short step side box. It is a full time 4x4 which now rides on 33x11.5 inch tires and 15 inch black wagon wheel rims.

It is powered by a 360 engine with 727 automatic trans, and NP203 transfer case turning what I believe to be 4.11 gears. Since I have owned it I have replaced every accessory on it like starters alternators, water pumps, etc,etc, I redid the top of the engine: cam head gaskets, new carb, and all the basics. I have also put in a new 727 trans or two since I bought it.

The wiring, well what can I say, old dodges were known for electrical problems and mine was always owned by people who knew enough about cars to do a few creative things just to keep them running one more day. Since then I have removed the bubble gum, the paper clips, the aluminum foil fuses, and redone every single wire on the truck. Itís not factory dodge, but it works for me and I have never had an electrical problem since. I have also added a second alternator and battery to power the off road lights. I have also added plenty of extra gauges to tell me whatís going on under the hood.

Other improvements included a roll bar, chrome western style step bumper( it was there when I bought it) and a huge front bumper that someone cut from the frame of a dump truck and welded to the front end long before I bought it. Since then I have welded a tube bumper on top of it to protect the front end from brush and trees as well as putting some extra driving lights in front of the grill. I know this is not factory original but it looks cool protects the truck, and definitely makes the Warlock something to fear.

On the hood there is a big Fear This sticker which I admit is a bit cheesy, but if you look close it covers an ugly yellow bug deflector which has been on the truck for years. I removed it once but put it back because it gives the truck a little character. Also the Fear This is my little way of dealing with all of the 4cyl econo car owners with No Fear plastered all over their cars.

That basically describes the truck. As for driving it, it runs great. It does require some loving care to keep it running that way though. Otherwise it is a great 4x4, with plenty of power to push down trees, climb hills or splash through the mud. And it is incredible in the snow. On the other hand the full-time four wheel drive sucks down gas and is horrible on the highway. It will do about 85-90 but it is not happy about it. It is just to heavy and geared to low do anything special on the four lane black top.

The only great thing about driving it on the highway is that no matter where you stop it someone always stops to look at it or ask about it. I like the rest of those with classic cars, trucks or whatever, love to talk about them.

Other than that I don't know what else to say. If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail me any time.

Owner: Craig Coburn
Year: 1979
Engine: 360 (not original)

Hi Guys, I am the proud owner of a 1979 purple Warlock (used to be black (actually a metallic in my case) but due to a lack of originality when I got the truck, I went plum crazy purple). It has a 360 (bored .060" over) with a Keith Black cam, Edelbrock performer manifold, 727 trans.

But alas after 9 years (and 390,000 km) it is not running. Some miscreant decided that I didn't need a carb (used to be an AFB), air cleaner, valve covers, coil, etc. I am waiting for the insurance company to get realistic with the estimate. This is a rare truck and it came with some performance parts.

So for all of you Warlock owners, lock them up tight and take pictures, as insurance companies will try to convince you that your ride is a stock D150 work truck.

Craig Coburn
Coquitlam (just east of Vancouver), BC, Canada

Take a look at Craig's Stunning Warlock. Excellent Example!

Owner: Toby Gregg
Year: 1976
Engine: 318

I have a 1976, it is black. It has a 318 in it. The truck is almost all orginal except for the bed. Right now it has steel bed in it until I can afford to put a wooden bed back in it. I have tinkered with the engine a little bit. I put headers, high performance coil, dressup kit, and 8mm Mallory spark plug wires. I still can't get the performance out of it I want. Can anybody help me with this small problem? I would love to hear from anyone with any advice on how to make it really run without changing motors.

Toby Gregg

Owner: Judy & Dave Reid
Year: 1976
Engine: 360

I have a 1976 Warlock. It is black in color, inside & out, with chrome stepsides, wooden bed, factory a/c, original AM/FM eight track, 360 high performance engine, gold pin stripes, inside & out, and 'Limited Edition' on each side of the hood.
Dave & Judy Reid

Owner: Seann Ritzman
Year: 1976
Engine: 360

I got my black '77 Warlock for my birthday from my father.... he paid 50 bucks for it! The price is definitely reflected in the condition of the truck, it needs some work.... some minor, but some is pretty serious. Nothing huge though. I haven't seen the truck in a number of years due to being in the military, but I think it only had about 80k original miles. The guy that it was bought from stripped the engine (a 360), he took the top side for a Barracuda, so we were left with a block. I dropped a 318 in it for mobility purposes, and then put in storage.... gotta love the municipalities, they were going to tow it if we didn't get it registered/ insured, even though it was on our property and a long way from ready to go (Thank you Ms. Whitman, you lovely wench, you!!!). So we split the cost of a 2 car "cover-it" with my uncle and put it on his property. That's about all that we could do. I plan on dropping some money into it once I'm out of the military, I've got some hope that this once great vehicle will someday have it's day again. Time will tell. I've come across some info on it over the years, but if anyone can give me some more, it would be greatly appreciated. To all those in the same boat, I will gladly pass on what little I know, I have some info back in Jersey (one of Dodge's production books that gives some nice pics and minor information on it) and maybe a little more, I'll have to check. Take care, and best of luck to all.

Owner: Peter Kirsch
Year: 1978
Engine: 360 4bbl.

My name is Peter Kirsch from San Francisco, California. I too have one of those fantastic "WARLOCK TRUCKS" a true thing of beauty. I own a 1978 Warlock with a 360 Hi Performance 4 bbl. 727 tranny. This wicked looking machine is all original and runs like a dream. Talk about a Hot Rod in a truck body, 20 years and still flying. I'm constantly finding my self racing people, almost daily and winning in most cases. I've had my Warlock for 4yrs. now with no major trouble and my mother had for the previous 16yrs., She bought in 1978 and babied it like you could not believe. I was an 11year old boy in love with a machine, that seemed to cast a spell on me. for years I begged and pleaded for the Warlock but no such luck. Until 4 yrs. ago when dear old mom finally gave in. Now I'm trying to buy new dodge 4x4 just so I can keep the Warlock in good shape. The poor thing does need a few cosmetics done but nothing major. I am enclosing a picture hope you enjoy.
Peter at HayBagPro@aol.com

Owner: Bruce & Dottie Hinrichs
Year: 1976
Engine: 318

I'm the 2nd owner of a 1976 Warlock 2WD. Bought from original owner in 1979. Black, 318, original gold wheels, 727 auto. Factory oak rails are still present. Bed boards have been replaced with varnished maple with stainless steel hold-down strips & bolts. The boards are basically the only "non-stock" change to the truck. Still has original black interior with "Tuff" wheel. Was daily driver from 1976-1985 when I got the "urge" to fix the rusted door skins. Once the doors were done, the rest looked bad, so......

Planning on a "factory look" 440" swap over this winter (what else is there to do in Green Bay, WI in the winter!!!)

Will scan some pictures in soon & forward.

My other toy is a ground up restored 1964 Dodge Polara 500 Convertible (383" 4 speed, white with blue top).

Look forward to hearing from you

Bruce & Dottie Hinrichs

Mr64Dodg@Sprynet.Com - Home
Web Page:
Bruce's Mopar Home Page

Owner: Christopher Martin
Year: 1978
Engine: 360 4bbl

My name is Christopher Martin and i live in Hampton/Newport news area of Virginia. I have a 1978 Dodge warlock 4x4 with a 360 4bbl. Originally came with a 2 bbl, however in the small block options for the warlock there were only two, 2 or 4 bbl. I am not interested in restoring it to original equipment or looks, I prefer the custom look. As I said before my warlock has a 360 4bbl with a 727 torqueflite trans and NP205 transfer case that is full time four wheel drive. It came with dana 44 front end and a 9 1/4 chrysler rear end. I changed the front and rear end from a 76 W300 I found in a junk yard. It now has a Dana 44 front end and a Dana 60 Spicer rear end with 4.10 gears. When I bought the truck it had a 3" body lift and 33" BFG's on it, I soon changed it to have an additional 4" suspension lift and 40" Ground Hawgs. The oak bed floor was FUBAR so I replaced it with 3/32 plate steel and added a rollbar. I raised the rear bumper 2" and replaced the front bumper with a Warn winch bumper customized to fit the truck. As usual it had wiring problems that I am still reworking. The tailgate was rusted out completely so I found one from a 63 Dodge step side that was in mint condition and installed it(it has the raised letters spelling DODGE) I have added a 120 amp alternater from a police car, an Edelbrock 650 carb and aluminum intake.
Many people don't realize that many of the Warlocks had the 1 ton frame under them, I was lucky enough to get one that did and now has the axles to match. Many restorations and modifications are still being done to it, like I am raising it another 2.5" by stacking the springs and reupholstering the interior. I changed out the seats with high back bucket seats for better protection. Also I am going to change out the 4.10 gears for 5.13 gears. All the original equipment I still have in case I want to put it back to original shape. For now I love the custom Dodge Warlock 4x4 monster truck I have built and so do a lot of people around here, so I hear.

Owner: Henry Fluck
Year: 1976
Engine: unknown

I liked reading your webpage. I own a 76 dodge warlock that I am trying to restore, if you have any information on used parts especially bed parts please email me at: hafluck@hotmail.com Thank you!
Henry Fluck

Owner: Mnismud@aol.com
Year: 1976
Engine: 360 4 bbl.

I am the proud owner of a beautiful Dodge True Spirit I have looked on the internet alot and have found not a thing regarding my truck until I stopped by your website, in the paragraph you write about the '76 True Spirit it says the truck only came with a v8 318 but my truck has a 360 V8 with a Thermo Quad Carb if you can tell me where to go or know any history on my truck I would really appreiciate it and if you can tell me how worthy of a truck it is.

Owner: CUDABLISS@aol.com
Year: 1976
Engine: 400 4 bbl.

I have found a 1 owner `76 Warlock 400cid 4x4 for sale and was wondering what the production numbers were for the rareity of the truck. I feel a Dodge Demon shouldn't be trailered by anything other that a Warlock. How `bout you? Thanks.
{Editor's note: I bet I can speak for all of us by saying we completely agree, wholeheartedly!!)

Owner: Josh and Roxy Schwab

76 warlock it's black. It has a 400 2bbl. 63000 original miles. all original except for the air cleaner. The wood bed and side rails need to be replaced. It has very little rust for a Minnesota truck.

Owner: TChall74@aol.com

we have purchased a 1976 warlock 2 wheel drive with a 440 4-barrel. It has been restored. The restorer used darker wood finish on bed rails and bed floor also the stainless in the bed has been painted black as have the steps. Unsure of correctness of that also we have unknown type of wheels.we are sending a picture. p.s. we are a mopar family we have a 73 340 4-barrel cuda,and a 74 318 4-barrrel challenger.

Owner: jea@tdstelme.net

I am the proud owner of a 1977 Dodge Warlock W100 Power Wagon. My Warlock has a 318 with loadflite automatic and, I think, a Dana 60 with 3.55 gears, front and rear. The color is black (sunfire black is the original factory color). Everything is stock and factory except I am running 33" tires on cast aluminum rims and twin cast aluminum stacks, (similar to those of the Li'l Red Express trucks). This is a FUN vehicle and creates interest where ever we go!

Owner: Ronalee Cripps

Just purchased a 1978 Warlock. 360 4 Barrel with automatic transmission. Truck is black and in excellent body condition. Will provide pictures soon.

Owner: Joseph Harnish

Hi, I am Joseph Harnish and I have picked up a 78 warlock that I am starting to restore.
I talked to the dealer that I bought it from and they said that it was a Warlock even though it is forest metallic green.
My Warlock.

I also have a truck part on my site soon to hold dodge truck information along with warlock specific stuff. I am a big fan of dodge trucks.
My truck site.

Owner: Bill Cox

My name is Bill Cox I live in Mitchell Ontario Canada I have been working on a 1977 Dodge Warlock. It has a 400 cubic inch motor with a 727 tranny I think the # is right with a Dana rear end. I purchased the vehicle approx three years ago . I was set back a year when I realized the roof was rotten. I managed to locate a roof from an auto wrecker ( pure luck) being the only part of the vehicle remaining and it had a yellow S on the roof indicating it was to be crushed the following day ) I drilled out the rivets and with the assistance of a bodyman installed the new roof. I was surprised to learn no paint or primer was ever installed on the roof panels. I epoxy primed the roof panels and tacked the roof back on . Since then I removed the box sand blasted the frame from the cab back. I wish I hadremoved the cab but I didnot. With the Warlock came two new front fenders.I imported a southern door ( drivers side ) only to find I had no indentation on the door where the handle goes. I then blended one in . I completely stripped the paint myself and repainted same. I have reinstalled the box installing new oak and stainless strips. I managed to aquire two new stepplates and had them rechromed I have tried to keep as original as possible with only two exceptions. I did not like the Carter 2 bbl carb and aquired an intake off a Super Bee and installed a Holley 4bbl from a 44o Chrysler. It seemed to run smoother and while I was most hesitant in deviating from stock I am happy with my decision.On the vehicle was a set of rather nice 8 inch rims (not stock ) having agold background and a chrome outer rim- not trim rings- actually part of the wheel. This weekend I am buying tires I decided on 255X 70X l5" white letter. I seen them on a Red Express at Mopar Fest in New Hamburg Ontario looks good Naturally I also installed new bumpers, door handles ect ( cheaper than rechroming.)and a brand new tailgate. the original too far gone to repair. All I have left to do is aquire a NOS grille and I would like to obtain new mirrors. My question the existing ones are in good enough shape to rechrome. They are not available in Canada does anyone know where I can get one. My original grille has many dents and although I would prefer the gleam of new I would take a good as newused one.I also have to install a stripe kit This started out as a truck to go to the dump on weekends and I got carried away. Last week I purchased a 89 Ford to do just that. I would look forward to hear from fellow fanciers I know I am hooked.

Owner: Ruzbit@aol.com

Greetings, All right, I found a great Warlock site. I have a 1976 Warlock, Black, 318, 4-speed. I'm the second owner. I've had it for over four years. It had 72k miles on the clock when I bought it. The only down fall is the original owner didn't like the LA 318, so he installed a "63" poly (wide block) 318, he said it has more torque than the small block.

Owner: Barry & Lori

We just bought a 77 Warlock. We have always wanted one of these trucks, but the only ones we have seen were 4x4s. We didn't know they made this truck in a 2 wheel drive model until we purchased ours. Our Warlock is black and gold and is powered by a 360. We are planning to rebuild the truck to factory spec or as close as possible.

Owner: Danny Brawand

My Web Site .

I have a 1979 Warlock II. Originally a Medium Canyon Red, 318-2bl/727 with chrome factory wheels (2 wheel drive). I've owned this Warlock II for 12 years. At this time it is a 360-4bl/727 and 8 3/4 sure grip (3.23). I've done the interior: black optional seat with center storage, am/fm/8-track stereo! I had the speedometer customized/rebuilt to read 150MPH and it has the optional factory guages (tach,volts & vac). The only work that has been done to body is a few fenders, 10" rear rallies(7" in front), all steel stepside 6' bed off of 1985 Dodge p/u, Ramcharger fuel tank installed with 3/8" fuel line to carb. I'm in the 440-4bl/727(cheetah) building stages. If I get to finish my Warlock II I'll put it back red or "Plum Crazy". The 1979 Warlock II graphics are being considered. The original 4-headlight grill is a must.

Owner: Vince Bellina

Just recently I inherited a 1977 Warlock. I admit that since I was in my Teens I have always been in awe of this truck. Well, when my grandfather died my grandmother decided to give me the truck. It has been rarely used and it is in Mint condition. It looks like it was just driven off the showroom floor. I will know more about it next week when I pick it up. I appreciate your website especially since I knew nothing about it other than it's mystical name. The truck has always meant something special to me and it will continue to mean something special to me. To some having a piece of jewlery or a piece of furniture reminds them of the original owner but to me its this 1977 Dodge Warlock that my grandfather once drove 1000 miles on a hot day in August just so he could take me for a ride in his new Dodge Warlock when I was 12 years old.

Owner: John Asbell

hi, my name is john asbell i live in tallahassee fl. i own a 78 dodge warlock black with gold stipe kit. my step father ordered it new when the 78's were about to go into production so he ordered it with a 360 hi performance engine with 4 speed trans posi trac rear end heavy duty suspension

Owner: Josh Starnes

hi my name is josh starnes and i am from sioux falls, SD. i recently bought a 77 dodge warlock that was the metallic green with a 360 (was replaced with almost 400hp of a crate 360 motor) this truck is a little different than most other ones around, it has ghost flames in the hood (looks really nice) and UV sensitive paint (gets lighter as less sun hits it and gets darker as more sun hits it) all of the decals are in tact the only thing wrong with it is a crankshaft bearing, the seat needs to be re-done and the wooden box has rotted out. other than that it sounds real mean with 3inch dual glass packs on it.

Owner: Chris Bell

I own a 1979 Dodge Warlock 4X4, It has the original High output 360, 4 bbl, 727 Auto with full time 4X4. I restored the body in 1996 and painted the truck purple just to be different. The floor of the box was toast and I did not want to spend a grand on the original pieces to fix it so I recovered it with Tongue and groove Tamarack. Turned out pretty good and it wears like steel. I was having problems with the Front Diff and have managed to secure the front and rear diffs out of a 78 Ram charger, with Posi and 355 gear ratio. I also plucked out the factory gauge kit (tach, volt, clock, vacuum, amp, alum intake manifold and valve covers a spare set of heads, thermoquad carb, and the factory receiver hitch. I have been debating on repainting the truck to a more original metallic black, as I have been using the truck for activities that have not ben to kind to the finish, (Hunting, fishing, moving, transporting building materials, Rocks, Gravel etc.) I'll fwd a picture as soon as I can find the truck under all the snow we just got.

Owner: Charles Skipper

hi my name is charles skipper. i had a 1977 warlock truck.. red in color, has a 400 in it, but is an original 360 truck. has 727 automatic. would like more information on the vin no. and build code numbers. still working on the computer scanning will send a picture in the near future. Truck still needs to be restored.

Owner: Bob and Linda Hyde

We own a 1978 black Warlock. We bought it new, and just love it. It has a 318 4bbl, 4 speed. It has 163,500 miles on it and we had a rebuilt engine put in about 11,000 miles ago. We are in the process of having a new wooden bed put in it and a new paint job. It has never been in an accident, so the body is in real good shape. The side rails get a facelift every 3 - 4 years so they are in pretty good shape, but we'd still like to replace them. We did have it repainted about 12 years ago but didn't replace the striping.

Owner: Terry R. Schmeltzle

Hello Last year I found a 78 Warlock with a 440 cu in engine with a 4bbl. carb. I'm in the process of restoring this truck. The mileage is 189,000.When I took the engine apart,I found only the main bearings had been replaced. The cab was solid, with the exception of the drivers side floor. I had to replace the doors and found 2 nos doors locally. The truck is 90% ready for paint. I'm hoping to have it back from the body shop by Sept. 1st. With any luck I'll have it done by the end of the year. Its original color is med. canyon red. It is supposed to have the chrome slotted wheels, but I found a set of gold wagon wheels and since I like them better,they are what I am going to use. The only change I'm making is, I'm going to add air cond.from a 77 big block truck. I want to use this truck to pull a trailer with my 79 PRO STREET truck on it. This truck can be seen at "dodgeconnection.com" in the picture area. When the Warlock is done I will email pictures. THANK YOU,TERRY R. SCHMELTZLE

Owner: Josh Evans

my name is Josh Evans. I am sixteen years old and my first vehicle is a Warlock. It is a 1978 with the slant six 225 cid. it has the A727 automatic trany. I am in the process of restoring it now. I am in a vocation school and my course of study is auto mechanics. i have friends in the auto body shop and they are going to paint it for me. I'm restoring it back as close to original as money will allow. I have painted the engine Chrysler blue. I amm also going to restore the bed. I want to get the gold mag rims for it also.

Owner: Kevin

I own a 1976 Dodge Warlock. I am from Nashville, TN. The Warlock is black inside and out. It is a 2 wheel drive a heavy duty suspension. It has 360 cu V8. The engine is currently making about 340 H.P. It has a 2 1/2 in. exhaust that exits before the rear wheel. The truck originally had the gold spoke wheels. I upgraded to the new 15x8 American Racing Torque Thrust II wheels. I have also put in a new oak bed from Mar-k. I just had the truck painted. The Warlock has a new 727 tranny with a 2500-2700 RPM stall convertor. The rear-end is a 9 1/4 that houses 3.21 gears. I just put a Holley 650 CFM Double Pumper 4 BBL carb on it. The truck also received a new high lift Crane Competition camshaft. On the inside I put in a new Pioneer CD player. The truck also has factory Air Conditioning. I converted the system over to the new R-134a refrigerent. I re-did the truck from top to bottom. I plan on showing it this year in our car club(Music City Mopar Club). The only things that I need for the truck is a DODGE tailgate decal, and I would like to add a sure-grip unit to the rear-end. I have attatched a picture for you to enjoy. This site is just what I have been looking for.

Owner: Dennis Lanier

This is a 1978 Dodge Warlock 4x4 that my dad bought in 1979. It took 22 years to gain ownership of it but I finally got it. We spent about a year restoring it (non-matching #'s though)but it's the way we like it.

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