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Roman's home page

Hi, my name is Roman Stangl, and I want to welcome you to my home page. My pages make use of frames, HTML 3.2 tags and JavaScript , so it is best viewed with a newer browser like NetScape Navigator/2 for OS/2.

Old News!

XCOMP/2 V3.10 and ISOCOMP/2 V1.20 have been released. XCOMP/2 is a multithreaded recursive file comparison tool, useful for e.g. comparing a newly burned CD with the source data it should contain. Additionally, it contains ISOCOMP/2 which allows you to compare (or create) ISO or RAW image and RSJ track image files with (or from( CD-ROM media contents. As a bonus, WIN32 versions (tested on NT4) is included in the source archive.

CD Boot/2 V 2.00 has been released. That utility allows you to enhance bootable OS/2 (installation) CD-ROMs without the headache of changing CD-ROMs of IBM's 2 CD-ROM approach (one bootable CD-ROM that must be replaced by a non-bootable one after the OS/2 kernel and drivers have booted). Now FAT-based non-OS/2 bootable diskettes (e.g. DOS, WIN) are also supported with some limitations.

Frameless links

In case your browser does not support frames or can't display graphics, you can directly jump to the pages of your choice instead of using the navigation bar on top of this page:

About these pages

My homepage on one hand is my representation to the worldwide InterNet community, and on the other hand the primary contact point to download, to get support and to get information about the software products I've written. These software products are available on many anonymous-ftp sites. Due to the disk space limitations, I just will provide pointers for the official versions, however the latest beta versions or updates will be available here for the first time.

About me

Name:Roman Stangl
(This image has been captured with an IBM Video Capture Adapter/A in an IBM PC750 MCA/PCI using VideoIn)
Address:Strebersdorferstr. 46
A-2103 Langenzersdorf
Austria (Europe)
E-Mail:Roman_Stangl@at.ibm.com (please use that account now)
Roman_Stangl@vnet.ibm.com (may become invalid)
Roman Stangl/Austria/IBM@IBMAT (IBM Internal only - Lotus Notes)
61821799 at VIEVMA (IBM Internal only - VM)
Employer:IBM Austria
Obere Donaustr. 95
A-1020 Vienna
Austria (Europe)
Current Job:Check processing using IBM's Check Processing Control System
(1994-2002 using IBM's High Performance Transaction System under OS/2
2003-2008 using Carreker's NeXGen under Windows)

Webdevelopment with IBM's Rational Application Server (2008-to date)

(academic degrees)
Technologisches Gewerbemuseum (Ing.)
University of Business Administration and Management (Mag.)
Interests:Everything that accounts for "technology"
Special knowledge:PC hardware, software
C, C++, Intel Assembler, REXX, HTML, JAVA, JavaScript, OO programming
Token-Ring LAN, TCP/IP, LAN Server
Authored software: Rollball 0.99 (my first PM program, a little game)
PC/2 2.10 (a powerful PM application, developed over more than 6 years)
APM/2 V1.40 (OS/2 to APM BIOS interface, control APM functions from a commandline)
XCOMP/2 V3.10 (recursive multithreaded compare, great for comparing burnt CDs)
CD Boot/2 V2.00 (enhance bootable OS/2 CD-ROMs)
SwitchTo/2 V1.20 (switch window into foreground from a commandline)
ShutDown/2 V1.01 (controls PC via UPS)
CPU Utility/2 V1.10 (UP and MP CPU control Utility)
LXDump/2 V1.03 (Linear eXecutable Dump Utility)

You're welcome to E-Mail me if you have some questions/suggestions/bug reports!

(C) Roman Stangl (Roman_Stangl@at.ibm.com), 10.05.1997
Last update: 17.04.2008