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Pictures from around Singapore


These are shots of the Boat Quay area which is known for the many Pubs, restaurants, and KTV lounges in the area. The street behind Boat Quay is Circular Road where you can also fine lot of pubs, KTV's and eat places. Most of the clubs open around 5 pm with a few being open for lunch. Closing time is between 2 and 3 am for most clubs in Singapore.


During most any night the clubs all come alive with the smells of good foods and the sounds from the DJ's or bands playing their music. Happy hour in the clubs ends at 9pm and some clubs have specials or free flows nights for the ladies which can lead to a real party as the night goes on into the morning hours.

The pictures below are from a club called Carnegie's located in China Square. Wednesdays has free flow night for the ladies and you can see the results up on the bar.


Orchard Towers is a four Story mall that is mostly bars. During the evenings you'll fine masses of people going from club to club. Some clubs have bands while other have DJ's. Most of the guys that visit the bars here are Expats and other visitors to Singapore looking for a good time. The girls that go to the bars are mainly from Thailand and the Philippines but you will fine a few Indians, Malays and Indonesians. On the the Forth floor in the Top Ten Disco you'll fine your local Singaporean girls. The clubs come to life after 9pm and and by 11 they are picked full with women. On Sundays many of the clubs open at 12:00 for what is called Tea Dances, since the imported workers only have Sundays off this is their chance to get out and party. Most of the of the girls you fine during this time are Filipina's maids. Clubs like Peyton Place, Crazy Horse and Impanema will be full of the maids looking for a good time.


The old Club Makati is now called Cahoots which is next to the Hard Rock Cafe is similar to the clubs in Orchard Towers which is another Filipina club with a band. All along Orchard Road you can fine beer gardens, clubs, pubs, KTV lounges and Discos. Normal beer prices are S$10 per glass and 25 to 30 for a jug (pitcher). In the hotels the prices are a bit higher so check out the price if you are not sure. The beer gardens have Tiger beer for 6.50 which is a pretty good deal for the location.

After you think you have seen all there is to see in Singapore you find something like this seating outside of a hotel!


The sad part is that in Singapore there is no place to run this car like its needs to be run. So as the owner drives around in first or maybe second gear killing the engine and drive train this fine work of automotive art go to waste!


Walking around the city you'll see many different sites that you may want to take a picture of. So I try to take my camera with me every time I go out.

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