GENERATION 1, Zachariah Williamson

Zachariah Williamson was born about 1752. Although I do not have any estate records for him to definitely prove that he is our ancestor, enough circumstantial information exists to make me sure that he is the father of Issac. I have not been able to establish anything on his life before coming to Georgia but I do know that he was in North Carolina at one time and that he was a Revolutionary War soldier.

I find a Zach. Williamson listed among the 1771 list of North Carolina taxpayers. This Zach. was living in the household of William Hill Jr. in Capt. Jethro Summers Dist., Shocco Dry Stick District of Bute Co. (in 1779 Bute Co. was abolished and became Franklin & Warren Co.). I can find no record of Revolutionary War service in Virginia, South Carolina, or Georgia for a Zachariah Williamson, however there are a Zachary and a Zacharias Williamson from Salisbury District in the list of pay vouchers from North Carolina. A Zach. Williamson from Col. Dixon's NC Regiment was wounded and taken prisoner by the British at Camden, SC on August 16-18, 1780 and later returned. In the General William Lee Davidson papers in the hands of the British he is identified as Zachariah Willson (sic) from Lower Creek (now Caldwell Co., NC) who had enlisted on June 23, 1780 in Capt. Whitson's Company.

I have not been able to learn the name of his wife. I suspect she was Elizabeth because the name is so common in his family. Joseph T. Maddox in "Information On Some Georgia Pioneers" claimed she was Martha Walton. Martha Walton married Zachariah "Williams" not Williamson.

The first time that I can identify him for certain is in the 1793 Greene Co., GA tax digest, where he is listed in Capt. Francis Lawson's District owning 4 slaves and 287.5 acres of land on Shoulderbone Creek adjoining Jno. Wilkinson. Other Williamson's in Greene Co. at this time were Zorababel and Samuel in Capt. Tully Choice Dist. and Richard in Capt. Robert Milton's Dist.

In 1793 part of Hancock County was formed from part of Greene Co. and in the first available tax digest in 1795 in Capt. Barron's Dist. we find: Zorababel, Green (Zorababel's son ?), Robert, and Zachariah Williamson. In the 1802 Hancock Co. tax digest for Capt. Lewis' District Zachariah and Zorababel are listed with only one name between. From the names of the adjoining property owners we can see that this is the same property that Zachariah lived on in the 1793 Greene Co. digest.

Before proceeding with Zachariah, I am going to say a few things about Zorababel. Zorababel (whose name is spelled with many variations) was in Greene County as early as Nov. 1786 having come from Granville Co., NC where he bought land in 1779. He was born about 1745 in the Highlands of Scotland according to LDS records. I suspect that he may have been the brother of Zachariah, both had Zachariahs in their families( the only ones in Georgia at that time). He had a son named Green, and Zachariah had a grandson named Green. The name Issac appears in both families. Around 1806 he moved to Jasper Co., GA where died in 1816 leaving a large family in the Jasper/Jones Co. area.

Another Williamson who shows up in the early GA records is Littleton Williamson. The only other Littleton Williamson I have knowledge of is the son of Zachariah. He applied for a pension for his Revolutionary War service in August of 1832 in Rutherford, West TN. He listed his age as 72, born in Dinwiddie Co., VA in 1760. He enlisted in 1776 at Hasty Ford, Brunswick Co., VA as a private in Capt. Moore's Co., Col. Albert's VA Regt. This unit was transferred to the 2nd GA Regt. under Col. Elbert and he was taken prisoner at Savannah in 1779. The "Virginia Gazette" issue of Feb. 28, 1777 lists Littleton among the deserters from Capt. Moore's Co. In 1786 Littleton received a land grant from the state of GA for his service. This was for 230 acres and in his pension application he states that he was told it was at the forks of the Oconee and Oakulkee (sic) Rivers. I suspect that he never settled this land. In 1799 the land was in Greene Co., GA and sold at auction to pay back taxes. It is possible that he was a brother to Zachariah and that Zachariah came to GA to farm this land grant.

Zachariah Williamson won land in the 1805 Georgia Land Lottery in Baldwin Co. In that year he sold his Hancock Co. land and moved to Baldwin Co. In 1807 Zachariah's land became part of the new county of Putnam. He lived south of Eatonton, just west of the road to Milledgeville. Zachariah appears in the available Putnam tax digests until 1822, at which time he had moved to Bibb Co. with his son Reuben and his younger children. He lived in Bibb Co. until his death. In 1826 the state of Georgia established the rules for the upcoming 1827 Land Lottery. Revolutionary War vets would be given extra draws. They were required to go to the courthouse and swear a verbal oath regarding their service. Zachariah did this and drew two lots in the 1827 lottery as a Revolutionary soldier after his death. One of his heirs claimed one of these lots in Lee Co. in April, 1830. The early records of Lee Co. were destroyed and I have not been able to find out who claimed it or how it was disposed of. The other lot that he drew in Carroll Co. was claimed in May of 1839 and sold by his son Reuben.

Zachariah died in Bibb Co. on November 14, 1826 and the following notice appears in the Nov. 28, 1826 issue of the "Macon Telegraph" and the Nov. 21, 1826 issue of the "Georgia Journal and Messenger".

"Died in this county on the 14th instant, Mr. Zachariah Williamson, aged 74. He was a soldier through the war of our revolution and fought in many battles. A worthy and respected citizen, he enjoyed the fruits of his early toils and patriotism and died in the full faith of future happiness."

I believe that he was buried in a now lost family plot on Reuben's land in Bibb Co. This land is now a subdivision in the northwest part of Macon. On jan. 23, 1830 Robert Westmoreland (zachariah's son-in law) advertised in the "Macon Telegraph" that he was going to apply for letters of administration on Zachariah's estate in Pike Co., but no further records. I believed that Zachariah's wife lived their son Littleton after his death. A woman age 60 to 70 years old is listed with Littleton in the 1830 Coweta Co. census. She is still with him in the 1840 census in Heard Co., age 70-80, but is not listed in 1850. I assume that she died sometime in the 1840's. The children of Zachariah were:

    Reuben Williamson born about 1783 in NC, died after 1860 in Sabine Co., TX. His wife's name was Elizabeth. She may have been a Tidwell as Reuben had many dealings with William and Benjamin Tidwell in the various counties in which he lived. Served as a private in Major John H. Broadnax Company in 1815 in the War of 1812, along with his brothers Isaac and Littleton. Moved in the early 1820's to Bibb Co., GA. After leaving Bibb Co., Reuben moved briefly to Pike Co., then to Troup, Meriwether, and Carroll Counties in GA, and Tallapoosa Co. in AL. He is found in the 1860 census for Sabine County TX with his daughter Mary Guthrey and son Z. M. His children were:

      Benjamin Owen Williamson born about 1808 in Putnam Co., GA. Married in Meriwether Co., GA on July 18, 1830 to Eleanor Clower. Lived in Tallapoosa, Chambers, and Clay Co., Al. Died after the 1870 census. His children were:

        Jacob Richard Williamson born July 4, 1831, married in Chambers Co., AL Jan. 2, 1851 Sarah E. Harris, died Mar. 22, 1913 Comanche Co., TX. Served in Co. F, 11th TX Infantry. His children:

          Samantha Jane Williamson born about 1852, married about 1868 a Parks..

          M. J. (female) Williamson born about 1854.

          W. L. (son) Williamson born about 1856.

          R. E. (son) Williamson born about 1859.

          Jacob Richard Williamson Jr. born Mar. 1, 1860, married Aug 1879 Sarah E. Anderson, died April 19, 1920.

          Elizabeth Lee Williamson born Jan. 29, 1875, married 1st White Sherbert , 2nd Dave Everett, died Sept. 1, 1934.

          Bernettie Mae Williamson born May 13, 1876, marriedt Aug. 29, 1889 Marshall Abner Davis, died April 3, 1956.

          Bessie Williamson born Sept. 10, 1879, married 1st Louis Crabb, 2nd Robert Cox, died dec. 24, 1930.

          + 2 who died as children

        Elizabeth Williamson born about 1834.

        Nancy J. Williamson born about 1836.

        William Williamson born about 1840.

        Zachariah Williamson born about 1841, died Dec. 1850.

        Perry Williamson born about 1844.

        Tabitha A. Williamson born about 1848, no marriage.

        John Henry Williamson born Sept 1, 1847, married Mary Rebecca McCreight, died Nov. 10, 1901. His children:

          Samuel Perry Williamson born July 8, 1868, married Dec. 27, 1898 Annie Caroline Weldon, died May 26, 1937.

          Ida Jane Williamson born Feb. 12, 1870, married Sept. 23, 1888 William Alonzo East, died Nov. 1918.

          Mary Ellen Sunminnom Williamson born Dec. 3, 1872, married Elbert Lafayette Gibson, died June 19, 1954.

          Ariscadelle Malcolm Williamson married Mary Fakes.

          Walker Obadiah Williamson married Ila Whisenbaker.

          Henerietta Olive Williamson born July 10, 1879, married Charles H. Crawford, died Aug. 1, 1947.

          Aughyer DeWitt Williamson married Bessie Manners.

          Zelvia Almeda Williamson born Aug. 16, 1887, married Marvin Williamson (cousin), died sept. 29, 1987.

        M.E. Williamson (female) born about 1852.

        Benjamin Williamson born about 1855.

        James Williamson born about 1858, married Josephine. His children:

          Lula Williamson born about 1876.

          Thomas H. Williamson born about 1878.

      William T. (Tidwell?) Williamson born about 1810. Married Elizabeth Ann Brooks in Meriwether Co., GA on July 28, 1843.

      (Daughter) Williamson born 1810-15. May have been Terisa Williamson who married Clement Davis in Meriwether Co., GA on October 27, 1834.

      (Daughter) Williamson born 1810-15.

      Reubin P. Williamson born about 1818. Living in Chambers Co., AL in 1850 with his brother Benjamin.

      Zachariah M. Williamson born about 1823. Moved to Sabine Co., TX. No record after 1860.

      (Daughter) Williamson born 1815 -20.

      Mary E. Williamson born about 1825. Married Amos G. Gutherey on October 17, 1850 in Chambers Co., AL. Moved to Sabine Co., TX.

      (Daughter) Williamson born 1825-30.

    Henry Williamson born about 1785 in NC. Married Polly Simmons in Putnam Co., GA on August 12, 1812. Died in Chambers Co., Al on May 24, 1863. He lived in Pike Co., GA before moving to AL. He and his brother Isaac owned land jointly in AL. His children were:

      Mariah Williamson married ? Page before 1863. Her children were:

        William B. Page

        Henry W. Page

        Jesse B. Page

        Mary A. Page

        Asa T. Page.

      Green Williamson born about 1819. Died before 1871. Lived in Covington Co., Al

      Asa J. Williamson born about 1821. Married Sarah E. ? Lived in Upshur Co., TX. His children were:

        Asa J. Williamson born about 1849.

        Thomas Williamson born about 1849.

        Henry Williamson born about 1850.

        Isaac Williamson born about 1852.

        Elizabeth Williamson born about 1854.

        Martha Williamson born about 1855.

        Sarah Williamson. born about 1859.

      Elizabeth Ann Williamson born about 1817. Married on July 15, 1841 to Livingston Gains. Lived in Coffee Co., AL. Her children were

        Amanda Gains born about 1842.

        Mary A. Gains born about 1844.

        Robert C. Gains born about 1846.

        Green L. Gains. born about 1848.

      Mary E. Williamson born July 2. 1829. Married on November 16, 1856 to Michael W. Dent. Died April 14, 1874 Chambers Co., AL. Her known children were:

        John Felix Dent born Nov. 19, 1858, died Nov. 20, 1882.

        Robert Simmons Dent born Oct. 11, 1862, died Oct 12, 1864.

      Isaac T. Williamson born about 1834. Married on January 15, 1859 to Mrs. Martha V. Potts. Lived in Talladega Co., Al.

      Jefferson H. Williamson born about 1838. Lived in Lee Co., AL. Served in the CSA.

      Robert S. Williamson died before 1863 in TX. His children were:

        Green H. Williamson

        Robert R. Williamson

        Asa J. Williamson.

      Henry W. Williamson born February 18, 1836. Married Mary A.P. ? Died December 20, 1914. Served in CSA. Known children were:

        Verie O. Williamson born Mar. 8, 1876, died May 7, 1903, no marriage.

        Green H. Williamson born Feb. 10, 1853, married Virginia E. , died Aug. 25, 1920. His children:

          (son) Williamson born and died Oct. 22, 1883.

    * Isaac Brisel Williamson our ancestor, see generation 2 for his family.

    Littleton Williamson born July 11, 1794 in Hancock Co., GA. Married in Heard Co., GA on February 7, 1832 to Mary Knight. Died in Heard Co. on May 5, 1880 and buried in the Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery. Served as a private in Major John H. Broadnax Company in 1815 in the War of 1812. Moved to Bibb Co. with father and brothers before moving to Heard Co. His children were:

      Minios H. Williamson born 1832-33. Married Mary A. Robinson and died January 13, 1866. Served in Co. K, 56th Regt., GA Volunteer Inf., Army of TN. His children were:

        Louisa Williamson born about 1853.

        Matilda Williamson born about 1858.

        James L. Williamson born about 1859.

        Margaret T. Williamson born about 1860.

        Julia Williamson born 1860, dead by 1860.

        William H. Williamson born about 1861.

        Louvenia Williamson. born about 1866.

      Rebecca M. Williamson born 1834, married about 1852 Amariah Buchanan, died in 1918. Her children:

        Warren Buchanan born about 1853.

        Lucinda Buchanan born about 1855.

        John Littleton Richard Buchanan born about 1859, married 1882 Ada Rebecca Tomblin, died 1929.

        Sarah Buchanan born 1863, married a Wells, died 1915.

        Fannie Buchanan born 1864, married a Crosby.

        Charles Buchanan born 1866.

        Edward Buchanan born 1868.

      William T. Williamson born 1836.

      Julia Williamson born 1838. Married ? Robinson and died 1894.

      Mary Williamson born 1840. Married ? Wilson and died 1902.

      Elizabeth Williamson born December 5, 1842, married Feb. 4, 1863 William N. Buchanan, died July 26, 1927. Her children:

        Ephraim Buchanan born May 1864, married Mary..

        Rufus Buchanan born Sept 12, 1866, married Dec. 18, 1891 Josie E. Lipham, died Aug. 15, 1949.

        Ida Missouri Buchanan born June 4, 1868, married May 8, 1884 Levi Birch Langley , died Jan. 27, 1949. Her children;

          Dorothy Ola Langley born May 26, 1907, married Charles Joseph Jones.

        Effie Buchanan born about 1872.

        Ambrose Buchanan born about 1873.

        Mary Buchanan born about 1875.

        Ella Buchanan born about 1876.

      Rhoda Williamson born 1842 and died 1844.

      Zachariah Jackson Williamson born 1850. Married Mary Lipham and died in 1894. His children were:

        William Williamson born about 1879.

        Sallie Williamson born about 1876.

        Isaac Williamson born about 1877.

        Henry Williamson. born Oct. 1879.

        Luther Williamson born 1884, died 1899.

        Nancy Williamson born 1849-50.

      Lucinda Williamson born 1851. Married ? Buchanan and died in 1935

      Catherine Williamson born 1852/53.

    Zachariah Williamson born about 1805 in Georgia. Married in Bibb Co., GA on November 30, 1830 to Mary C. House. Died In Stewart Co., GA 1850-53. His children were:

      Mary Elizabeth Williamson born about 1832. Married on May 18, 1851 to Jackson Phillips.

      Thomas Zachariah born about 1830. Married 1st on April 20, 1854 to Sarah H. Suffolk, 2nd to Frances Sherman. His children were:

        J.G. Williamson

        Martha Williamson born about 1851.

        Robert Williamson born about 1853.

        Thomas Williamson born about 1855.

        Joseph Williamson born about 1857.

        John Williamson born about 1859.

      Henry C. Williamson born 1836. Served in Co. I, 21st Regiment, GA Vol. Inf., Army of N. VA as a private from July 17, 1861. KIA at 2nd Manassas (Bull Run( on August 28, 1862.

      Scriven Franklin Williamson born 1840.

      Sarah Jane Williamson born 1843.

    Elizabeth Williamson born about 1808 in GA. Married on November 27, 1827 in Pike Co., GA to Robert Westmoreland Jr. Living in Coweta Co. in 1850. Her children:

      William A. Westmoreland born about 1829.

      Mary A. Westmoreland born about 1831.

      Georgiana Westmoreland born about 1833.

      Kitziah A. Westmoreland born about 1835.

      Henry H. Westmoreland born about 1837.

      Thomas Westmoreland born about 1838.

      Emma E. Westmoreland born about 1840.

      Selina C. Westmoreland born about 1842.

      Sarah Westmoreland born about 1844.

      Martha L. Westmoreland born about 1847.

    Additional unknown number of daughters.

    GENERATION 2, Isaac Brisel Williamson

    Isaac Brisel Williamson was born in NC on February 26, 1788. In the Bible of his son Augustus his middle name is spelled Brisel. He moved with his father to GA and remained in Putnam Co., GA for a short time after the rest of his family moved on. In the War with the Creek Indians (War of 1812) he served as a sergeant in Capt. West Whitaker's GA Militia under Major Broadax from February 8, 1815 to April 3, 1815. Under the Act of 1855 he drew 160 acres of bounty land in Natchitoches, LA. Tradition is that he taught school before coming to Pike Co. He moved to Pike Co. by May 26, 1827 when he bought land near his brother Henry who had come earlier. According to family tradition he arrived in Pike Co. with only a horse and two full saddle bags and taught scholl until he obtained enough money to purchase land. He acquired a large amount of land in Pike Co. and also elsewhere in GA and AL. His plantation was called Egypt because of the large number of wagons that arrived to purchase the corn he grew. .He served as a Justice of the Inferior Court of Pike Co. The position of Inferior Court Justice was abolished in 1868. It combined the functions of Probate Judge, County Commissioner and Magistrate and also tried criminal cases involving slaves. In 1857 he was one of the six incorporators of the Savings Bank Of Griffin. By the time of the 1860 census he owned land worth $15,000 and personnel property worth $243,801. His home place, a double dog run design with later additions, stood until 1972 when it was hit by lightning and burned to the ground on Jan. 13. His great great grandson, J. P. Williamson built a new home on the site. On November 25, 1828 he married Sarah Blanton Freeman in Pike Co., GA. She had been born on September 17, 1910 in GA, the daughter of Foster and Nancy Freeman (see Freeman family). Issac died on February 27, 1864 at his plantation in the Driver District of Pike Co. He is buried at the Williamson family cemetery near the site of his home place in Williamson GA.

    A family legend states that shortly before his death he blindfolded a slave, took him in a wagon to an unknown location, and had him dig a hole where Isaac buried his fortune to protect it from the Yankees. He died without a will and his estate was probated by his son Henry. At the time of his death he owned 55 slaves with a value of $126,00. Sarah Freeman Williamson died on May 25, 1880 in Spalding County and is buried next to her husband. Their children were:

      Franklin Freeman Williamson born September 20, 1829 in Pike Co., GA and died January 10, 1835 and buried in the Williamson family cemetery.

      * Henry Edwin Williamson our ancestor. See generation 3.

      Augustus Theodore (Gus) Williamson born April 17, 1834 in Pike Co., GA. Married on July 15, 1863 in Polk Co., GA to Margaret Eleanor Sherrill. Died on December 25, 1893 in Rockmart, Polk Co., GA and buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Polk Co. He was a lawyer and farmer in Rockmart and Mayor of Rockmart. He was also an Inferior Court Judge in Polk Co. prior to 1864. In 1892 he was ordained a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church. His family home was on Williamson Street in Rockmart. During the Civil War his family lived with his parents in Pike Co. His children were:

        Isaac Lewis Williamson born July 15, 1864 in Pike Co., GA. Married on November 5, 1899 to Sarah Francis Holliman in Ardmore, Marshall Co., OK. Died May 19, 1919 in Wilson, Carter Co., OK. His children were:

          Maggie Leola Williamson

          Gussie Olie Williamson

          Ruth Williamson

          Dan Hugh Williamson

          Ira Louis (Sam) Williamson

          Imogene Williamson

          Hubert Sherrill Williamson

          Jesse Mae Williamson.

        Augustus Sobieski Williamson born January 1, 1867 in Rocknart, Polk Co., GA.,.married first on December 24, 1890 at Rockmark to Margaret "Maggie" Atwood and second on December 11, 1893 at Cedartown, Polk Co. to Mrs. Mary Donald Edwards Starr. Died December 17, 1930 at Rockmart, Polk Co. GA. His children by 1st wife:

          Jessie Kay Williamson born Oct. 5, 1891, died Mar. 13, 1893.

        By 2nd marriage:

          Augustus Edward Williamson born Oct 19, 1894, married Feb. 17, 1920 in Monroe, Walton Co., GA Mamie Summerour, died May 20, 1976.

          Mary Eleanor Williamson born Dec. 8, 1896, died Feb. 1, 1897.

          Donald Williamson born July 1, 1899, married Nov. 15, 1922 in Monroe, Walton Co., GA Kathleen Launius, died Nov. 27, 1975.

          Robert Rae Williamson born May 18, 1901, married Dec. 4, 1934 in Kanab, Kane Co., UT Wilma Mace, died Jan. 7, 1937 in Grand Canyon, Coconino Co., AZ.

          Dan Hugh Williamson born Nov. 3, 1903, married May 25, 1925 in Clayton Co., GA LaTrelle Hill.

        Sarah Mahala Williamson born January 1, 1869. Died May 29, 1881. No marriage.

        Mabel (May) Elizabeth Williamson born May 22, 1870. Married July 23, 1905 to Edward Jefferson Hudson. Died Hereford, TX.

        Robert Emmett Williamson born July 11, 1873. Married on November 10, 1907 to Mrs. Roxana Lucas. Died after 1930 in Jones Co., OK.

        Foster Freeman Williamson born August 16, 1875. Died July 8, 1897. No marriage.

        William Hugh Brewster Williamson born December 31, 1877. Married first January 4, 1911 to Imogene Rogers and second on September 5, 1914 to Sarepta Nunnally. Died on February 5, 1940 in Monroe, Walton Co., GA. His children were:

          Hugh Brewster Williamson Jr.

          James N. Williamson

          Mary Talbot Williamson

          Jane Sherrill Williamson.

        Daniel O'Connor Williamson born February 23, 1880. Died September 19, 1903 in Oakhurst, San Jacinto Co., TX. No marriage.

        Henry Linton Williamson born August 20, 1882. Married April 24,1904 to Louisa (Mattie) Godwin. Died June 28, 1936 Rockmart, Polk Co., GA. His children:

          Harry William Williamson born 1904, married Minnie Lea Smith, died 1945.

          Paul Godwin Williamson born 1907, married 1st Clarrissa Taylor, 2nd ?, died 199_.

          Augustus Linton Williamson born 1908, married Ollie LeGrand Williams, died 1994.

          Clifford Ralph Williamson born 1910, married Ramona Rogers, died 1994.

          Sarah Margaret Williamson born 1912, married 1st Lewis Lester. 2nd a Kinney, died 1995.

          Hugh Dorry Williamson born 1914, married 1st Maureen, 2nd Dorothy Pennington McCommas.

          Martha LuNeal Williamson born April 30, 1918, married 1st Nov. 16, 1945 John Morgan McReavy, 2nd Aug. 28, 1976 Edgar Josiah Hailey

          Betty Ann Williamson born 1930, married Bertram Elrod.

        Annie Laura Williamson born September 22, 1884. Married on April 29, 1916 to George Samuel Davitte. Died on July 21, 1952.

        Viola Olive Williamson born July 6, 1887. Married June 8, 1909 to Thomas Pierce Clements. Died June 27, 1958.

      Elizabeth Ann (Lizzie) Williamson born May 28, 1836 in Pike Co., GA. Married November 28, 1855 in Spalding Co., GA to William Edmond Alexander. Died February 4, 1870 in Hayneville, Lowndes Co., AL and buried in the Williamson family cemetery. Her child was:

        Elizabeth Perry Alexander born December 9, 1865. Died March 24, 1870.

      Laura Antonia Williamson born May 24, 1838 in Pike Co., GA. Married on June 1, 1859 in Spalding Co., GA to Tristam Bethea McCall. Died on June 24, 1910 in Opelika, Lee Co., Al and buried in Rosemere Cemetery in Opelika. Her children were:

        Sallie (Maggie) McCall born May 24, 1862. Married Noah Parker Renfro. Died May 14, 1911. Her children were

          Noah Parker Renfro Jr. born Feb. 25, 1887, died May 4, 1935.

          Clarence McCall Renfro.born July 29, 1891, died May 9, 1957.

        Emmet E. McCall born October 1876.

        Daniel W. McCall born about 1860.

        Henry W. McCall born about 1870

        Matthew M, McCall born about 1875.

      Robert Foster Williamson born May 2, 1840 in Pike Co., GA. Married September 16, 1862 in Chattahoochee Co., GA to Mary Electra Greene. Died August 24, 1915 in Ellaville, Schley Co., GA and buried in the Ellaville City Cemetery. In 1859 he licensed to preach in the Cusseta Circuit of the Methodist Episcopal South. He was appointed pastor in Jamestown, Chattahoochee Co. 1862-63. He resided in Buena Vista and Butler for a few years, after which he settled near Hopewell Church. In 1865 or 66 he established the Buck Creek Campground near the Buck Creek Turnpike, the last meeting of which was held in 1888, He served the churches in Dawson, Columbus, Americus, Cusseta, Montezuma and other towns in the district, but always lived in Schley Co. In 1889 he moved to Ellaville. It was said that he gave away his inheritance of $50,000 to the poor and needy and would give an entire years salary to build churches and for the home and foreign missions. His papers are in the special collections section at the Emory University Library in Atlanta, His children were:

        Robert Peter Williamson born July 26, 1863. Died July 22, 1883. No marriage.

        Elizabeth Clyde (Lizzie) Williamson born September 16, 1865 in Ellaville, married Dec. 5, 1883 in Schley Co., GA Virgil H. Tondee, died January 13, 1959. Her children were:

        Viola Helen Tondee born Feb. 1891, died Nov. 1913.

        Robert Williamson Tondee born Jan. 1894.

        Minnie Una Tondee born July 6, 1897.

        Edgar Hill Tondee born Aug. 5, 1899, died Feb. 1914.

        Linton Stephens Tondee born Aug. 22, 1901, died Feb. 1958.

        Charles Horner Tondee born Dec. 8, 1903, died July 1946.

        Virgil Clyde Tondee born Oct. 4, 1910, died July 1946.

      John Berry Williamson born August 5, 1867. Married Mary Elizabeth Chapman. Died October 4, 1934. His children were:

        Walter Berry Williamson

        Clark Chapman Williamson

        Leila Hornady Williamson

        Minnie Lila Williamson

        Robert Daniel Williamson.

      Henry Edgar Williamson born February 24, 1870, married Feb. 14, 1892 Mary Ella Womack, died April 6,1946. His children:

        William Foster Williamson born Feb. 2, 1893, died Feb. 10, 1896.

        Theo Williamson born Dec. 26, 1894, married Dec. 2, 1932.

        Bertha Williamson born May 23, 1896.

        Samuel Edward Williamson

        Robert Williamson born May 30, 1903, died June 17, 1903.

        Hugh McCall Williamson borm Nov. 17, 1900, married May 12, 1937.

        Henry Hill Williamson born Aug. 8, 1904, married June 15, 1935, died Sept. 2, 1960.

      Samuel Anthony Williamson. born September 7, 1872. Married Ada Evelyn Chapman. Died October 14, 1951. His child:

        Guyton Ewell Williamson born Mar. 17, 1908, married 1935 Berta Lucille Solley. His children:

          Evelyn Elizabeth Williamson born July 26, 1938, married June 3, 1962 Charles R. Cantrell.

          William Anthony Williamson born Jkuly 22, 1941.

      Mary Elizabeth Williamson born April 12, 1875. Died May 2, 1915. No marriage.

      Sarah M. (Sallie) Williamson born February 8,1878, married Thomas Edwin Eubanks on September 26, 1901in Schley Co., died June 16,1960 in Fort Valley GA.. Her children were:

        Harvard Foster Eubanks born Oct. 2, 1902 in Plains, Sumter Co., GA, married April 19, 1927 in St. Augustine FL Etherie Buchan, died Oct. 9, 1983 in Jacksonville, FL. His children:

          Harvard Foster Eubanks Jr. born July 29, 1928 in Fort valley GA, married June 2, 1964 in Salt lake City UT Lila Joy Carpenter.

          Robert Jerry Eubanks born July 13, 1930 at Crystal Springs, Copiah Co., Miss., married 1st June 13, 1958 in Jacksonville FL Edith Hannigan, 2nd May 1960 in Folkston GA Susan Hand Brown.

        William Edwin Eubanks born June 9, 1905 in Fort Valley GA, married Feb. 6, 1925 in Baltimore MD Fannie Ellen Canter, died Jan. 3, 1944 in U.S.S. Turner off Sandy Hook, NY, destroyer sunk by U Boat.. His children:

          Catherine Adele Eubanks born May 14, 1930 in Eastport MD, married Nov. 28, 1946 in Annapolis MD George Vincent Freaner Jr.

          Robert Samuel Eubanks born Nov. 5, 1933 in Annapolis MD, married Elaine Weisell.

        (male) Eubanks born about 1911, died May 22, 1911.

      Minnie Lou Williamson born August 1880. Married on December 25,1900 to Enock Edgar Collins. Died April 1956. Her children were:

        William Julian Collins

        Mary Kathleen Collins

        Frances Elizabeth Collins

        Helen Virginia Collins.

      Carrie Maude Williamson born August 1883. Married James A. L. Wilson. Died 1971. No Children.

      Sarah (Sallie) Gardener Williamson born February 7, 1843 in Pike Co., GA. Married on September 22, 1863 to Sheppard William Blance (his sister married James Freeman Dever, Sarah's first cousin once removed). Lived in Cedartown, Polk Co., GA. Died July 19, 1889 in Rockmart, Polk Co., GA.

      Stephen Decatur Williamson born May 6, 1845 in Pike Co., GA. Married on October 24, 1866 in Spalding Co., GA to Isabelle C. Crowder. Died September 3, 1903 and was buried in the Greenwood Street Cemetery in Barnesville. He lived in Meansville. He served in the Civil War as a private in Gibson's Battery, GA light Artillery, Army of TN (with brother Henry) from Spalding Co. (also known as Griffin and Scogin's Battery) from July 15, 1862 to December 31, 1863 when remainder of the unit became part of Capt. Darden's Battery, Miss. Light Artillery, January 1, 1864 to November 17, 1864, disbanded at Selma AL in April 1865. His children were:

        Henry Williamson born 1867. Dead by 1953

        Eugene Paul Williamson born September 1869. Dead by 1953.

        George C. Williamson born 1872. Not married in 1920. Dead by 1953

        Isaac Blanton. Williamson born 1874. Married September 18, 1916 to Jessie Milner. Died by 1939 in Atlanta. His Children were:

          Isaac Blanton Williamson Jr. who married Jewel Pickering.

          Frank Williamson who married Jane Stone. His children:

            Sheran Gay Williamson

        Parks Lee Williamson born May 23, 1876. Married Eula Moye. Died April 1, 1953 and buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Barnesville, GA..

        Irene Williamson born 1878. (Either her or her sister Frances married Lester Collier and lived in Meansville, GA. The other sister was dead by 1953.))

        Ernest C. Williamson born April 1881. Died January 18, 1905.

        George M. Williamson born 1884. Dead by 1953.

        Frances Williamson

      Josphine Williamson born June 29, 1848 in Pike Co., GA. Died September 30, 1851. Buried in the Williamson family cemetery.

      Viola Independence Williamson born July 4, 1851 in Pike Co., GA. Married John William Calvin Drake Jr. on April 6, 1870. Died after 1910 in Columbus, Muscogee Co., GA. Her children were:

        Mary J. Drake born May 1878. Married after 1910 to ? Cleckley. Died after 1929.

        J. Calvin Drake born about 1875. Died before 1930.

        James A. Drake born August 1879. Died before 1930.

        Three additional children who died before 1930.

      Nancy Eliza (Nannie) Williamson born May 29, 1855 in Pike Co., GA. Married Ernest M. Oliver on January 9, 1878 in Auburn, Lee Co., Al (where her sister Viola was living at the time). Believed to have moved to Florida, no further information.

    GENERATION 3, Henry Edwin Williamson

    Henry Edwin Williamson was born on August 3, 1831 in the Driver District of Pike Co., GA at his father's plantation. He married first on November 4, 1852, Mrs. Lucinda Malinda Hill Blanton (see Hill Family), the widow of Benjamin Blanton (Henry's great aunt, Sarah Freeman was the first wife of Benjamin Blanton's father). Lucinda Hill Blanton was born on Aug. 29, 1824 in Oglethorpe Co., GA. She married 1st on April 18, 1843 in Oglethorpe Co. Benjamin Pope Blanton. Lucinda died on Sept. 3, 1892 in Rover, Spalding Co. and was burried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Griffin. Henry married second Anna B. Bradfield on March 16, 1894 in Mountville, Troup Co., GA. He died on November 30, 1898 at his home in Rover, Spalding Co., GA and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Griffin. His home in Rover still stands and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The home had belonged to his first wife's husband, Benjamin Blanton, and he acquired it from the estate.

    In the Civil War, he served as a private in Gibson's Battery, GA Light Artillery, Army of TN (also known as Griffin & Scogin's Battery). He enlisted at Griffin on May 7, 1862 for three years. He went to camp Calhoun, then into active service at Chattanooga, TN crossing the TN River and joining Gen. Wither's Div. Transferred to Gen. Cheatham's Div. He was at the surrender of Mumfordville, KY, then to Bardstown, Perryville, and Haroldsburg. Retreated to the Cumberland Gap and back to Chattanooga via Tullahoma. He was discharged on November 1, 1862 when he furnished John Rogers as a substitute. In later years he was given the honorary title of Colonel. He was asked for a name for the town where he lived and suggested Grover, in honor of President Cleveland. There was already a Grover in GA so the name was shortened to Rover. He was a farmer and belonged to the Methodist Episcopal South church. He met his second wife at the Warm Springs Campground. He was very obese and when he died his coffin had to be taken through the doorway sideways. The children of Lucinda Hill Blanton Williamson by her 1st marriage were:

      Susan (Sue) Amelia Blanton born Sept. 4, 1844 in Pike Co. , GA. Married in Griffin, Spalding Co., GA on Oct. 4, 1870 in a triple wedding with her sister and a friend to Levi Ezell Veal. While living in Montezuma GA she is credited with suggesting the name for the Elberta Peach. In 1887 she moved to Barnesville GA where she lived on Thomaston Stree. Mny students attending Gordon Military School (now Gordon College) boarded with her. She died on Jan. 31, 1934 in Barnesville, Lamar Co., GA and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Barnesville. Her children were:

        Lizzie Lou Veal born July 25, 1871, died Feb. 20, 1888.

        William Benjamin (Willie Ben) Veal born May 4, 1876, married Estelle Johnson. Lived in AL & Barnesville, died June 24, 1933 in Miami FL. His child was:

          Dean Veal born April 4, 1916.

        Maybelle (Mabel) P. Veal born Mar. 4, 1878, married April 26, 1911 to William Calvin Jordan, died on Oct. 24, 1948 in Barnesville.

      Benjamin A. Pope Blanton born Apr. 19, 1846 in Pike Co., GA. In 1881-82 owned B.P. Blanton & Co. in Griffin - grocer & miller. 1st rural mail carrier in Williamson. No marriage. Died Sept. 4, 1904 in Griffin and buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.

      James Hill Blanton born July 16, 1848 in Pike Co., died Dec. 14, 1848 in Pike Co.

      Sarah Ann Elizabeth (Lizzie) Blanton born July 8, 1850 in Pike Co., married on Oct. 4, 1870 in Griffin, Spalding Co. to James W. Sparks. Died Sept. 9, 1892 in Griffin and buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Griffin. Her child was:

        Henry W. Sparks born Oct. 8, 1872, married Annie Clatton, died Sept. 20, 1943. His children:

          Henry W. Sparks Jr.

    The children of Henry Williamson by his first wife were:

      * Isaac William Williamson our ancestor, see generation 4.

      Robert Hill Williamson born April 24, 1857 in Spalding Co., GA. Married on June 5, 1895 to Helen Jones. He died April 27, 1931 in Spalding Co. and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Griffin. He lived in Orr's District in Spalding Co. His children were:

        R. Quentin Williamson born August 29, 1896 and died May 12, 1898.

        Eugene J. Williamson born December 4, 1898. Married Louise Cockrell. Died September 16, 1973 in Thomasville, GA. Buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Griffin.

        Robert Lamar (Bob) Williamson born February 28, 1901. Married Helen Murary. His child:

          Martha Helen Williamson born January 28, 1929.

        Ruby Louise Williamson married ? McEleveen.

        Helen Nell Williamson born July 11, 1906 married ? Williams. Died April 16, 1995. Her children were:

        Barbara Williams who married ? Wages and lived in Villa Rica, GA in 1995

        Beverly Williams who married ? Munroe and lived in Lilburn, GA in 1995

      Jesse Williamson born November 1899.

    Mary Cordelia Williamson born August 29, 1860 and died April 24, 1861.

    George Henry Williamson born February 21, 1863 in Spalding Co., GA. Believed to have married a Dolly ? and moved to Al. He may have died before his mother in September 1892, for his name does not appear in her death notice. Believed to have four children.

Henry's children by his second wife:

    Douglas Boyd Williamson born September 27, 1897 in Rover, Spalding Co., GA. Married on December 18, 1925 in Troup Co., GA to Lois Fincher. Served in WW I in France and returned home in failing health. Died February 5, 1936 in Troup Co., GA and buried in the Mountville Cemetery, Troup Co. Served in WW I. SN 3497763. No children. Lived in Telfair Co., GA and Charleston, SC before returning to Troup Co.

    Henry Edwin Williamson Jr. born June 17, 1899 ( after his father's death) in Mountville, Troup Co., GA. lived in El Paso TX in 1936, died Hudson TX Oct. 1981. He enlisted in the Regular Army at the Columbus Ohio barracks on June 17, 1916. Served in the 34th Infantry to October 30, 1917 and 9th Engineers to August 5, 1918. He was at the Base Hospital at Fort Bliss TX to his discharge on September 9, 1920. SN 1142159.

GENERATION 4, Isaac William Williamson

Isaac William Williamson was born on December 11, 1854 at his father's home place in what is now Rover, Spalding Co., GA. He attended Emory College at Oxford, GA about 1873. (While there he became a good friend with Warren Candler, brother of Asa Candler founder of Coca-Cola. Warren Candler was a noted Methodist Minister and performed the marriage ceremony for Isaac's daughter, Susie and wrote an obituary for Isaac's death. Isaac's son, Warren was named for him.) After leaving college he taught school in TX for awhile. On May 11, 1880 he married Susie Brown (see Brown family) in Fort Valley, Houston (now Peach) Co., GA. He met Susie when she came to visit with her sister who lived in Griffin. They attended the militia drill in Griffin. Isaac came up to speak to Susie's brother-in-law. Later as Isaac was helping Susie out of her carriage, she fell into his arms. He decided that he wanted to see more of her. They were married by Dr. B.L. Ross who gave them their family bible. Susie Brown, the daughter of William R. and Caroline Jones Brown, was born on February 12, 1859 in Fort Valley, Houston (now Peach) Co., GA. She attended Salem College in Winston Salem, NC and Wesleyan in Macon, GA. Isaac was a telegrapher. postmaster, and the first depot agent in Williamson. He was a passenger on the first train into Williamson. The train station had not yet been named and the conductor, who knew him, asked what should he call out. Isaac said "Williamson". which name has been used ever since. He acquired the Isaac B. Williamson home place from his father and farmed on that land. He made many improvements to the house adding new rooms and porches. He had electric lights installed powered by a generator and batteries, the first electric lighting in the area. He and his wife were known by their grandchildren as "Big Papa" and "Big Mama". He died of a heart attack on January 1, 1923 in Williamson, and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Griffin. Susie died on April 19, 1929 at the home of her daughter Susie in Williamson of stomach cancer and is buried next to her husband. Their children were:

    Carrie Lou (Pet) Williamson born May 1, 1881 in Pike Co., GA. Married Tillman Dixon Wheeless (the uncle of her sister's husband) in Pike Co., GA on July 14, 1920. She died in Atlanta, GA on December 2, 1921 and was buried at the Methodist Cemetery in Woodbury, Meriwether Co., GA. No children.

    Henry Robert (Bubber) Williamson born May 30, 1883 in Pike Co., GA. He married Claudia Lawrence in Girard, Russel Co., AL on January 24, 1907. He died in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA on November 21, 1957 and was buried in Westview Cemetery in Atlanta. He lived in the Grant Park area of Atlanta. His children were:

      Isaac William Williamson born November 13, 1907 in Columbus, GA. Married Dorothy Touchstone. Served in WW II, was an architect who designed among other buildings, Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta. Died in Atlanta on March 29, 1967 and buried at Westview Cemetery. His children were:

        (daughter) Williamson married Walter Stinnett and lived in Calhoun, GA.

        (daughter) married Charles Squires and lived in Rochester, MN.

      Hennie Louise Williamson born November 3, 1910. Married November 11, 1940 to Col. John C. Meadows. Living in 1976 in Largo, FL. Her children were:

        Jean Meadows

        Carolyn Louise Meadows born March 21, 1947.

    Susie Blanton Williamson born July 9, 1885 in Williamson, Pike Co., GA. Married in Pike Co. on December 18, 1907 to Lovick David Wheeless. She attended high school in Fort Valley and attended college in Milledgeville, GA and lived in Williamson. She died April 9, 1982 in Spalding Co., and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Griffin Her child was:

      Isaac Williams Wheeless born June 11, 1911. He married Henri Frances Crowder on July 15, 1933 and died on his farm on October 10, 1970. His children were :

        Lovic David Wheeless born March 22, 1939, married on February 19, 1964 to Mary Jannie Cook. His Child:

          Mayon Lynn Wheeless born July 20, 1967.

          Son born and died August 31, 1942.

        Douglas Crowder Wheeless born January 3, 1944. married June 14, 1964 to Jane Manely. His children:

          Amy Wheeless

          Camilla Wheeless

          Douglas Crowder Wheeless, Jr. who was born and died July 4, 1976

      * Warren Candler Williamson. our ancestor, see generation 5.

Generation 5, Warren Candler Williamson

Warren Candler (Windy) Williamson was born in Williamson, Pike Co., GA on March 6, 1891. He was named for and baptized by his father's friend, Bishop Warren Candler. He was supposed to have a different middle name but Bishop Candler gave him his full name. He attended Gordon Military Academy in Barnesville and boarded with his Aunt Susie Blanton Veal. He married Ludie Payola Wood (see Wood Family), daughter of John Caldwell and Payola Atchison Waller Wood, in Pike Co., on August 15, 1915. She had been born in Pike Co., GA on September 28, 1896 and educated at the Elders Institute in the Weaver community of Pike Co. He farmed near Williamson in Spalding Co. and worked for the railroad about 1915 and by 1918 he was in Atlanta as a switchman for the Western and Atlantic RR. His family moved to Atlanta and lived at 196 Crumley Street, 98 Crew Street, and 190 Windsor St. In the early 20's he was a carpenter in Atlanta and had an Atlanta Constitution paper route. He then moved to Tampa ,Florida in June of 1925, where he worked as a conductor for the Southern Airline RR. While in Tampa his family lived at 513 S. Nebraska Ave. and 912 Ella Mae Ave. He returned to Williamson by October 1927. and farmed near Williamson in Spalding Co. He returned to GA to be near his mother who was ill. His mother left his share of her estate in trust for his children and his wife, who had been appointed guardian, used the money to buy the Williamson home place, where they lived until their death. During the 30's he worked as a roofer for Holberg Hardware in Griffin and during WWII he supervised a road gang of German POWs. In later years the family called him and his wife "Pappy" and "Mammy". He died at the Williamson home place on October 24, 1961 of a heart attack. His wife came home and did not see him. Their dog "Trouble' led her behind the pump house, where she found his body with his pipe still in his hand. He was buried in the Williamson Methodist Church cemetery. Ludie lived in the home place after his death and died June 28, 1971 at the Griffin-Spalding Co. Hospital. She died on jaw cancer and is buried next to her husband. Their children were:

    * Warren Candler (Candler) Williamson Jr. born May 1, 1916 in a farmhouse in Spalding Co. near the county line and Williamson GA. Married in Philadelphia, PA on January 25, 1941 to Anita Marie Miller. He lived in Philadelphia, PA from 1937 until 1970 when he returned to GA and lived in Griffin. He served in the Marine Corps from 1936 to 1940 and from November 1943 until April 1946 in the US and in the Pacific theater in the 9th Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, SN 255171. After the war he managed and opperated his own service station in Philadelphia. After his return to GA, he managed a tire store in Griffin until his death. He died on November 3, 1976 in Griffin a nd was buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Griffin. His child was:

      * Warren John Williamson born March 24, 1943 in Philadelphia, PA. He married Leslie Ann Brittain in Norcross, Gwinett Co., GA on May 21, 1977. He moved with his parents to GA in 1970 and lives in Griffin. He is employed as the Senior Building Inspector for Henry County, GA. His children are:

        Warren Jeffrey (Jeffrey) Williamson born May 19, 1980 in Fulton Co., GA.

        Jenny Melinda Williamson born September 16, 1982 in Fulton Co., GA.

    John Henry (Henry) Williamson born at his grandfather Wood's home near Zebulon, Pike Co., GA on August 27, 1917. Married in Pike Co., GA on December 18, 1937 to Bena Arvella Ballard. Lived in Fort Valley during WW II and worked at Robbins AFB. Worked for the Masonic Children's Home in Macon, rising to the position of Superintendent. After his retirement he moved to his home on Lake Sinclair in Putnam Co., GA where he died on April 29, 1987. He was buried in Glen Haven Memorial Gardens in Bibb Co., GA. His children were:

      Henry Lamar (Lamar) Williamson born September 23, 1940. Married on August 9, 1964 to Sandra Fay Willcox. His children are:

        Chris Lamar Williamson born May 30, 1967, married Sept. 21, 1996 to Janine Ann Giansante.

        Robert Hunter (Robbie) Williamson born February 19, 1971, married April 13, 1996 Sandra Gail Nagle.

      Larry James Williamson born August 1, 1945. Married 1st on December 22, 1970 to Nancy Elizabeth Powell, divorced. Married 2nd on April 10, 1992 to Deborah Willes: His child by his 1st wife is:

        Wade Henry Williamson born August 1, 1974.

    William Robertson (Bob) Williamson born November 13, 1919 in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA. Married in KY on December 28, 1945 to Dorothy Bailey. Moved to Globe, AZ for his wife's health. Served in WW II as a Master Sergeant in Army Air Corps in the 9th Depot Repair Squadron, 9 Air Depot Group. He was an aircraft inspector and stationed at Honington Air Base in England. SN 34-262-084. No children.

    Fredrick Etheridge (Fred) Williamson born August 21, 1921 in Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA. Married in Nuremberg, Baveria, Germany to Ingeborg (Inge) Seuss. Served in WW II as a Staff Sergeant in the 775th Heavy Bomb Squadron, Army Air Corps in Italy. Inducted July 25, 1941 at Ft McPherson. Saw air action in the Rhineland, Rome, Arno, Southern France, Normandy, Northern France, Balkans, and the North Appenines. Sn 34-354-691. Left the Air Corps at the wars end, but later reenlisted in the Army. Stationed at various times in Germany, Korea, Columbus Ohio, Anchorage Alaska, and for much of his service at Fort Gordon, Augusta, GA. where he retired with the rank of Sergeant Major. Lived in Augusta, GA. Died at the Fort Gordon Army Hospital in Augusta on January 26, 1971 and buried in Hillcrest Memorial Park in Augusta. His children:

      Shirley Ann Williamson born June 15, 1955. Married on February 24, 1990 to Cecil Howard Jarrett III.

      Michael Fredrick Williamson born July 4, 1957. Married on September 11, 1982 to Debra Fredrick. Lives in Norcross, GA. His child:

        Andrew Fredrick Williamson born January 18, 1989.

      David Lamar Williamson born September 21, 1962. Married on October 16, 1991 in Columbia, SC to Stephanie Blair Griggs. His child:

        David Alexander Williamson born May 28, 1992.

    James Paul (Paul) Williamson born August 18, 1924 in Williamson, Pike Co., GA. Married in Brooks, Fayette Co., GA on August 5, 1950 to Charlotte Marian Greene. Inducted into the US Army on April 24, 1943 at Fort McPhearson. SN 34-769-259. Served as a Corporal in Battery A, 565th AAA, AW Bn. and as a switchboard operator with the rank of T-5 with the HQ battery, 559 AAA, A 11 Bn. in Europe. At the "Battle of the Bulge". Lived in Griffin and then in a new house that he built on the site of the old Williamson home place in Williamson. His children are:

      James Paul Williamson born January 22, 1956 in Griffin, GA. Married on August 11, 1979 in Dalton, GA to Rachel Anne DiGioia. Lives in Griffin, GA. His children are:

        James Franklin Williamson born November 30, 1981.

        Philip Andrew Williamson born April 5, 1984.

      Charla Virginia Williamson born August 27,1962. Married on June 29, 1985 to Wilson Brian Green. Her children are:

        Wilson Paul Green born May 18, 1989.

        Stephen Kendrick Green born January 8, 1992.

        Virginia Zara Green born March 27, 1994.

    Susie Blanton Williamson born October 21, 1927 in Spalding Co., GA near Williamson. Married on April 26, 1947 to Emmett H. (E.H.) Milner Jr. Lived in East Point and Decatur GA, and Columbia SC. Her child is:

      Kathryn (Kay) Milner born on October 27, 1953. Married 1st on September 2, 1972 to Harold Eugene Fritts, divorced. Married 2nd on June 5, 1976 to Joseph Anthony Vitali Jr., divorced. Married 3rd on July 19, 1987 to Kim Tramtham, divorced. Her children by husband #2 are:

        Helena Theresa Vitali born October 30, 1977.

        Aaron Anthony Vitali born February 2, 1981.