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Aculife and Family Ozone are two electronic devices. Their function are unbelievable. These devices are becoming essential part  of every family who wish complete health of all the members. These devices are selling worldwide by Direct Sale System. Become a consultant of a company and achieve your goals....

Aculife Self diagnosis device

You do not need to know acupuncture!!!!!
But your can perform health condition diagnosis. This detects and does therapy.
A product resulting from 5,000-year old traditional Chinese acupuncture medical knowledge and modern immunity preventive medical technology.
Through stimulation of hand and ear points by extra long magnetic wave, the product can improve the micro-circulation of the human body, accelerate the metabolism and enhance immunity power to prevent modern disease.
Plus very affordable to the average person
1. Early detection of possible illness.
2. Direct stimulation on acupuncture points by electromagnetic wave.
3. By only stimulating ear and palm's acupuncture meridian it can detect possible illness for the whole body.
4. Strengthens the body immune system to prevent and heal illness.
5. Function of magnetic wave: to magnify the body fluid and strengthen immunity.
6. Easy to operate: simply follow the easy to understand instructions and figures.
See for yourself what's wrong with your body's CHI,  SELF-DIAGNOSING
Aculife detects imbalances in the human body using acupuncture points. Early detection of possible illness. Know what's going on in your own body at any time in just minutes. Check your self once a day or once a week. See which organs chi are being blocked. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that, if a disease manifests inside the body, the signs of that disease will also manifest outside the body. If the Chi (Qi) flows inside the body, there will not be Pain. If the Chi is blocked, there will be Pain. The Chinese health researchers have found that the internal organs, whether they have disease or not, will reflect their state-of-Chi (flow or block) to the acupuncture points on the skin from the meridians and the collateral channels through different sensations under the same electric current. They also found that the acupuncture points on the hands and ear are typically an excellent area of the body to observe the state-of-Chi in the internal organs. A unique piloting tool, which locates energy blocks to check the acupuncture points on the hands. It is also a pioneering tool, which clears those energy blocks by using Electricity. Easy, safe and convenient to learn and operate, the Aculife is an essential tool and a must for the average person, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, message practitioners, dentists, medical doctors and students. Quickly select the Palmer Lines, which represent the arrangement of the internal organs. Easily identifies the Five Body Systems through the Five Fingers. Detects hidden problems before there are any manifestations. Does diagnoses and therapy.
This device is very simple and easy  to use. Every one can use it. Place the ear piece in the left ear and roll the tip of the probe over the hand. When you feel a tingling sensation you look at the hand chart of which organ, or bones that are out of balance. Then turn it to therapy, then recheck the hand again. AN AMAZING DEVICE < TRULY>!!!!
1. Pace-maker user
2. Pregnant women
3. Children under 3 years
4. Patient with malignant tumors
5. Patient with hemorrhagic tendencies
6. Patient with Tuberculosis

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