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The Star Wars Bootlegs shown in this site are knock-off versions of the original action figures and other toys manufactured by Kenner/Hasbro. In this section you will find fake versions of some of the figures released since 1995 in both the POTF2 (Power of the Force 2) and EP1 (Episode I) collections.

These toys are manufactured in China (by who knows whom) and are sold at some brazilian toy stores (and also in other countries). They are very nice collectibles, and much rarer and much more difficult to find in the U.S. and in Europe than in other countries of Latin America and Asia.

They come in different sizes (3 3/4", 4", 5", 10", etc) and formats (reproductions of original Kenner cards, totally different cards, etc). The quality of the images on the card (front and back) is quite good, however the quality of the cardboard and paper used is not always as good. Kenner and Hasbro logos are missing, with no trademark at all. In the 3 3/4" versions the bubbles are either the same size or sometimes slightly larger than the original. The 4", 5" and 10" figures bring larger cards. As with the card, the quality of the bubble material is not as good as Hasbro's. The figures themselves are a decent attempt at reverse engineering an original figure, sometimes various body portions come outkind of odd (goofy faces, skinny heads, etc). The paint decos, while they try to follow the original, are not always perfect, and the accessories are often poorly molded. But these defects add to their uniqueness and their collectibility, and that's why we love them !

They are a great addition to any comprehensive Star Wars collection, because they are unique variations.

Follow the link to the Galleries of Pictures, and remember these figures belong to the Webmaster´s personal collection. Anyway we have some extras in stock. If you´re interested in buying some, or trading them against Hasbro carded figures, please go to the FOR SALE section, and see what we have right now.

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Now you can choose between two options: Gallery of Collections or Index of Characters. Although both options show exactly the same bootlegs, we give you the chance to see them sorted either by collection or by character.

1. Gallery of Collections

Recommended. Cardbacks and close-ups of all EP1 and POTF2 Collections.

2. Index of Characters

For those who want to see and compare all the different versions of each character.

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