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Welcome to waveZ InterServices. Our goal is to help people around several issues and
provide services around the Internet and the Worldwide Web. Remember that we are a NON-profit organization. We are merged with an internet service providing
company and a group of selected people who are here to help you at any time.


Our internet services provided here are from the Focus-Net. Company is located in Nicosia, Cyprus. If you wish to see what they do provide take a look at the top-right of this site. Of course http://www.focus-net.net is available to see in a more detailed hand their services. If for some reasons you cannot reach the website, e-mail them at feedback@focus-net.net or mail waveZ Head Offices (P.O.BOX 40155 Larnaca, Cyprus) and we will contact them within 24h. Providing shell accounts (including ircd packages), web hosting packages, domain & e-mail registration and web design facilities, Focus-Net priority is you!



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[server runs on a AMD Duron 1000MHz with 256MB RAM, operating on Red Hat Linux 7.2, providing uptimes up to 99,9% on multiple high speed backbone connections. Located in Texas, USA]


 Focus-Net Internet Services

 Best Shell providing company. Web Hosting Packages, Domain&E-mail Registrations. Trust Focus-Net design department to make your website looks how YOU imagine it. http://www.focus-net.net 



 Network:  Undernet


   IRC Support

http://help.undernet.org http://www.irchelp.org 









New Internet Service Providing company
Friday, 6 of June, 2003 @ 10:01
posted by Stefano

waveZ InterServices deals with Focus-Net Internet Services located in Nicosia, Cyprus. A company which provides web hosting packages, shell accounts, ability to register your favorite domain name and create as sub-domains as you want. A full description of the company's services and box reliability can be seen at the top-right of the site.


NetShop box breaks down
Friday, 6 of June, 2003 @ 9:38
posted by John

NetShop-isp box defended serious problems last month so the company which provided us the box decided to end our cooperation. So, it was emergency to meet the administration of the company which runs our backup box in Bucuresti, Ro. They have told us that if we want to run the box2.netshop-isp.com as a primary box, we have to increase the monthly fee. The amount requested had been rejected by the netshop sales administration and so our covenant fall due. 


New website code
Monday, 2 of June, 2003 @ 19:00
posted by Stefano

Our website was temporary down due to web team's decision to amend the design and the code of the website. John writes " We are satisfied with the new code. No more bugs or any kind of error. For any problem may occur while your visit please contact us at support@wavez.info ". waveZ's task coordinators and webmasters deal with this new version of website and so the website and waveZ International Services run smoothly! I 'd like also to post some things here which don't work normally yet. The java applet which connects you to IRC is currently non-active. Also the Help section "Need Help?" is not working. Mark writes " The Help FAQs are almost done. Also the virus removal team has prepared its section but we are waiting for the web team to code our work. "






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