I have many wavs that I love to share with all of you.
I periodically add wavs to my site, so please visit again. You never know what you might find.

Several wavs are MPEG compressed so I can have many more on here to share with you.
Click here to go read about, & download, the MPEG.exe program that you need to hear them.
If you aren't familiar with MPEG, they take up MUCH less space on the harddrive & take MUCH less time to download.
Joy's Wav Compression Help Page


I would like to tell you a little about my family that I am VERY proud of. I am married to a Retired Sailor named Jim and we have three wonderful sons named Billy, Charlie, and Andy. Billy is married to a wonderful girl Erin and they have a son named Tyler. So I'm a Grandma "smile" as well. Charlie is engaged to a wonderful girl Mia. Andy is in the 10th grade and loves Archery and Drums.

I have another page that is special to me.
This is a tribute to ALL military personnel;
past, present, & future; as well as to my husband
who is Retired USNavy; and one of our sons who was in the USNavy.
Please take a few moments to share some personal thoughts of mine & visit.
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