Wav Race!!!!!

***UPDATE*** unfortunately... fortune city has deleted my account and my wavs are gone. That is why you are getting 404 errors. My life is pretty busy right now. I'm engaged, looking for work, yada yada. I've reformatted my computer since than. I've had trouble finding a place that will keep my music. You do know about all those copyright violations these days, right? Anyway, it wouldn't kill you people take your broke ass down to big lots and buy some CD's instead of mooching off people online? Jeezus, some of you people are SO ungrateful it's not even funny. How dare you insult me because my page is down? Fuck you. I don't owe you shit and canadians? Me insult canadians? No, I insulted one person that flammed me on my guestbook. Anyhow. Fuck Canada. Your not even a real country anyway. I'll worry about my own site and it's down for good. Thanks! :)