Artist Song Title Lyrics Size
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
Jay-Z Gurls Gurls Gurls   812 kb
Ja Rule Put It On Me   574 kb
Joe Stutter   472 kb
Usher U Got It Bad   725 kb
Nelly E I Lyrics 696 kb
Eve & Gwen Stefani Let Me Blow Your Mind  
D-12 Purple Pills  
Juvenille She Get It From Her Momma  
Nelly Ride With Me Lyrics 855 kb
Eminem and Cypress Hill Rap Superstar 750 kb
Lil' Bow Wow Puppy Love 626 kb
Lil' Bow Wow Thank You 747 kb
Lil' John And the Eastside Boys feat. Ludacris Bia Bia 907 kb
ll cool j Momma Said Knock You Out 863 kb
Master P Ooohwee 762 kb
Method Man And Red Man Rock Wilder 762 kb
Mystical Danger 632 kb
Nelly Batter Up 980 kb
Petey Pablo Raise Up 822 kb
Tupac  California Love 709 kb
Two Live Crew Me So Horny 824 kb
Lil' Troy I Wanna Be A Baller   867 kb
Limp Bizket Rollin   546 kb
Shaggy It Wasn't Me   497 kb
Puff Daddy / Faith Evans I'll Be Missing You   908 kb
Outkast So Fresh So Clean   164 kb
Xzibit / Nate Dogg Been A Long Time    
Ludacris Rollout   804 kb
Xzibit / Snoop Dogg X    
Limp Bizket Faith    
Missy Elliot One Minute Man   675 kb
City High What Would You Do   613 kb
Afroman Cause I Got High


679 kb
DMX Ruff Ryders Anthem   627 kb
Bubba Sparxx Ugly   774 kb
Nelly #1   771 kb
Outkast Ms. Jackson   656 kb
P Diddy Bad Boys For Life   726 kb
Jagged Edge f. Nelly Where's The Party At? 567 kb
112 Peaches And Cream 396 kb
Busta Rhymes  Break Ya Neck 706 kb
R Kelly I Wish .97 mb
Limp Bizket My Way   800 kb


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