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Wa Wa Ping-Pong News
4/12 - Well I had to change the background music back because it was making the site unavailable pretty much all the time.  But you can still download "Let's Fighting Love" in the Media section, and I highly recommend it.  -Ace

- Sorry there have been no updates in a while, I've been busy.  Anyway, I changed the background music, fixed some of the page problems, and added to the dictionary!  More updates to come...  -Ace

- In response to the "Wow gay!" comments, all I can say is that this fl4m3r is too wussie to even say who it was, so I can't worry about it.  In other news, there have been changes to the Media page, and the Dictionary should be complete soon, and I still need prof. info. from "Uncle Sam".  -Ace

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