My Biography

Birthday: May 21, 1984

Languages: Filipino & English

Current Address: 062 Parada Road, Fortune Village 6, Valenzuela City 1442, Metro Manila, Philippines

Educational Background: Pre-School - Notre Dame of Greater Manila, Caloocan City (1989-1991); Elementary - Notre Dame of Greater Manila, Caloocan City (1991 - 1997); Secondary - Notre Dame of Greater Manila, Caloocan City (1997 - 2001); College - Bachelor of Science, Major in Electrical Engineering (currently 1st Year) - University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

Organizations & Positions held:

Junior Press Corps (1995-1996) - Contributor, The Little Damer

Junior Press Corps (1996-1997) - Editor-in-chief, The Little Damer

Publication Club (1999-2000) - Sports Writer, The Notre Damer

Publication Club (2000) - Sports Editor/Layout Artist, The Notre Damer

The Notre Damer 2001 (2000-2001) - Layout Artist/Editor-Staffer

Corps of Cadets, NDGM CATU (1st & 2nd Sem, SY 2000-2001) - C/Sgt, Delta 2 Platoon Leader/Color Commander (Brigade Formation)

Corps of Cadets, NDGM CATU (3rd Sem, SY 2000-2001) - C/MSgt, NCO Platoon Leader

Corps of Cadets, NDGM CATU (4th Sem, SY 2000-2001) - C/2Lt, 1st Battalion S3

Corps of Cadets, NDGM CATU (SY 2000-2001) - Color Guard (Entrance of Colors)

University of the Philippines Student Association of Valuers of Energy Resources (SY 2000-2001) - Member; Managing Editor, The NRG Magazine

Awards & Decorations

Grade 4 - Mr Young Environmentalist (1st Place)

Grade 5 - Extemporaneous Speech (1st Place)

Grade 6 - Third Honorable Mention; Science Gold Medal

First Year - Graphics Contest (1st Place)

Second Year - Excel Spreadsheet Contest

Third Year - QBasic Programming Competition (2nd Place)

Fourth Year - Order or Merits (CPR/Basic First Responder's Training Course); Loyalty Medal - NDGM CATU; Loyalty Medal (NDGM K1 - 4HS)

Plans in Life

NOTHING; To be immortal - so far, so good!