The Mega Super Celebrity KEVIN SPACEY Website!!!
Hi EVERYONE!!!  This is my site about the most amazing celebrity who goes by the name Kevin Spacey!!  Mr. Spacey is like one of the coolest celebrities out in hollywood today!  He has carried out many celebrity roles in such movies as KPAX, Usual Suspects, LA Confidential, and American Beauty.  All these celebrity caliber movies are easily matched up with highly recognized movies such as Air Bud 2, Ernest Goes To Camp, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Naked Gun, and Ernest Goes To Jail.  Mr. Spacey is most definitly a highly skilled celebrity and makes all his movies box office hits!
A big inspiration for me to do this ultra,wicked awesome page was after I met Kevin Spacey.  Thats right!! I was seeing the play "Ghosts" at the Barbican Center in London.  After the play, I went out to the lobby with my friend and to our surprise we saw the celebrity himself, Kevin Spacey, sitting at the bar.  I was all like "SPACEYYYYYY!!!!!!"  It was pretty neat cuz a lot of people in the area were in recognition of this ultimate celebrity!  I never realized that the Barbican Center was such a great hang out for awesome celebrities like Mr. Spacey.  In fact, I also saw the actor Patric Stewart there too!  Luckily, I was able to get a good spot in the huge celebrity adoring crowd around Mr. Spacey.  It was so neat!!!!  I got his autograph and asked him a couple of questions!!!  It was too bad I couldn't get a picture with him, but he explained how he doesnt do that.  I think it is amung the celebrity code of conduct that their photos must not be taken with Kodak gold film.  Unfortunatley, that was the type of film i had :(  Oh well, maybe I will have a digital camera next time!  But it is worth it to be in arms length of a mega super CELEBRITY!!!!!!
Interesting Note:  Celebrities invented the "sitting in a chair backwards" position!  Spacey is good at it!
Get this!  My Grandpa has the same blue shirt and my mom has the same glasses.  I borrowed both, now I'm lookin like a Celebrity!!
Rumor has it that many fashion designer are developing the Rose Tie.  It should be hitting the new lines in the fall and will be worn by many super celebrities at Oscar type shows!!!
THANX everybody for viewing this great page for the ultimate celebrity KEVIN SPACEY!!!!!  By meeting and admiring Mr. Spacey, I have decided that I want to be a full time celebrity for a future career!  Im sure there is lots to learn about being a celebrity, but I think I have what it takes!  I'm just glad to know that there are celebrities out there like Kevin Spacey to be role models for a hopeful small town kid like myself!  So thank you Mr. Spacey for being the full time celebrity that you are and hope you have many more years of celebrity stardom!!