1. What you don't need!
 2. How much wax do I need?
 3. Can I use my own brass stamp, sealer?
 4. Is there a minimum quantity I need to order?
 5. Can I order my seals in any colors?
 6. How do I determine the actual size?
 7. In-stock information
 8. How do I apply the seals?
 9. How much do they cost?
 10. Can I have my own design on Waxent?
 11. The international buying guide.


How much wax do I need to make 100 Waxent seals?
None. Waxent Seals are ready to use, pre shaped, replicating the wax seal like appearance. The material is a special resin, never crumbles, or brakes apart. It withstands even the mail handling machines.

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I have my own brass stamp, sealer. Can I still use it?
No. The pre shaped Waxent Seals are created with the designs already embossed onto the top of the seal. No stamping required.

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Is there a minimum quantity I need to order?
Ordering options:
Standard Designs, Initials:
Small Size 50, 125, 300 & 300+ pieces.
Large Size 24, 100, 250 & 250+ pieces.

Custom Designs:
250, 500 & 500+ pieces.

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Can I order my seals in any colors?

Waxent seals are currently offered in the following colors:

Click on image to see a high resolution version!
Pewter! Antique Red Antique Gold Copper
PMS# 436U
136 136 136
Antique Red
PMS# 202U
136 34 34
Antique Gold
PMS# 873C
187 136 34
PMS# 7515U
221 136 102

Silver Satin Gold Royal Blue Black
PMS# 877U
187 187 187
Satin Gold
PMS# 8003C
221 187 136
Royal Blue
PMS# 288U
0 0 136

Color display and match, indicated as approximate only!
To determine the actual colors, we recommend you to order the
Sample Collection.

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How do I determine the actual size?

Waxent seals are available in Small, and Large Size.
Custom and select Standard Seals are available in the Large Size only.

Large Size                            Small Size

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In-stock information
Standard Designs, Wedding Themes and the *Allegro Initial Seals are
likely to be in stock,
in the Antique Gold, Antique Red, Pewter, Satin Gold and Silver colors.

Seals in the Black, Copper and the Royal Blue colors are
normally not in stock.

Expedited shipping is available on all in-stock items.
* except Q, X, Y

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How do I apply the seals?
Waxent seals come complete with a self adhering layer, which is covered by a protective liner up to the point of use.
Easy to apply, just peel and stick.
Step 1: Just peel!
Peel off protective liner, 
mounted on bottom of seal, 
to expose self adhesive dot.
Step 2: & Paste!
Select location for seal,  press
and hold using light pressure.

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How much do they cost?
Standard Designs, Initials.
* Cost of Standard Shipping included!
Large Size Small Size
   -   $0.37 ea.+Sh. / 250(+)    -   $0.29 ea.+Sh. / 300(+)
   - * $101.25 / 250    - * $95.75 / 300
   - * $44.99 / 100    - * $44.99 / 125
   - * $13.99 / 24    - * $21.99 / 50

Monograms, Logos, Custom Designs
Large Size Only!
Custom Seals

Expandable minimum Quantity: 500 pieces
Converting/designing, shipping fee is additional.
Custom Bundle

Fixed minimum Quantity: 250 pieces
TrueType/vector design and Standard Shipping included.

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Can I have my own design on Waxent?

Yes, you can have a special character, symbol, logo, a double, or triple monogram created as a custom seal.

Attach your artwork to an email, in "vector graphic" format, to avoid additional charges.
Definition of vector graphic:
Graphics created in graphic programs, in which shapes are represented as a series of lines and curves. Vector graphics are also referred to as object-based graphics or line art.
This contrasts with bitmap graphics, which are created pixel by pixel in paint programs and by scanners.

Electronic Artwork
- Corel Draw 7 or less
  Text must be converted to curves, or the fonts to be included with the artwork file.

- Illustrator 8.0 or less (.ai and .eps)
  These are acceptable only if, they are vector art with no bitmaps included within the file.
  All files that include layers, must have them flattened before the file is saved.

* You can submit a GIF, JPG, BMP, TIFF or some other (PC) standard graphic file format as attachment to your email.

If your custom design is a monogram, attach your favorite True Type Font to an email, specify the letters used, and include a graphic file indicating layout of your Monogram.

*Otherwise, we can recommend one of our stylish font type to be used instead.

Once we received and evaluated  your artwork, we'll superimpose it onto our seal's graphic file, and email it back to you as a graphic sample.

* Additional conversion/designing fee may apply.

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The international buying guide.

We are accepting orders from abroad.
Please note:
* The cost of shipping is higher, than the posted "Domestic" delivery charge.
Actual rate depends on the shipping address, on the ordered quantity, and on the preferred, available carrier and/or method.
You will be able to"Accept" the total cost, prior to processing the order.
* You are liable for any, and all taxes and duties in your country.
Please, check the applicable rates with the appropriate agency.
* We may need additional information, and/or a PO number.
To avoid any delay in processing your order, please provide correct and complete Billing Information.
* Before you send a Check, or Money Order, please contact us first.
Additional handling charges apply.

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