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     Hello, My name is Jimmie Joe Summers and I am from Southern Indiana. I am a senior in highschool and president of my class. In the future I look towards a career as a computer networking engineer. Untill then, I have to spend my time at school and make the best of it. As far as clubs and sports are concerned, I'm in a ton of them. I'm in Beta Club, French Club, FCA, Student Council, FFA, BPA, All-Stars, Cross-Country, Swimming, and Track. I'll go ahead and tell you about each of them. Beta Club at our school is a joke, mostly because of the people in charge of it. To give you an idea, I wasn't allowed to go to the Beta Club state convention because I am a Guy, and I have a friend who has a 3.9 GPA who has never been asked to join Beta Club. I think French Club is stupid, but sometimes it's cool because we go out to eat. FCA does prayer around the flagpole every now and then and thats about it, theyre suppose to collect dues but they always forget so thats cool. Student Council isn't what I would have tought, two or three people, who I sometimes think need to pull there heads out of their ass, pretty much run it and the rest of us just stand around an look pretty. BPA stands for business professionals of america. I didn't really want to join that but I was forced to. I dont know, it might be pretty cool. Were suppose to design a webpage or something. All-Stars is a group of students that are drug free and promote being drug free to others. It's a really cool group but a lot of people that are in it, shouldn't be. FFA is the Ag club, I joined that because I wanted to participate in their Forestry competition. We did pretty good. Our school got 2nd over all and I placed 6th individual, number 1 from our school. Maybe we would have done better if I would have studied or shown up for practice. Cross-Country is a lot of work, but we have a ton of fun. Every year we go on this big campout, and everybody is always playing jokes on one another. It's great. Swim practice sucks ass, but the meets are fun. The only part I really dont like is wearing speedos, but since its the only sport im actually good in I can deal with it. Finally, Track is a little less fun than Cross-Country and a little more monotonous, but over all it's ok. 1