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Want to become my sweetie?
I picked a pic of my two boys to show here because they were a big part of my life!  I'm a single father that hasn't seen these two boys in over a year.

I'm very interested in finding a lady to share my life with as it's a lonely existence without one. Interested? Find my email address above and write to me! The worship of the yoni is a most wonderful thing!
My hobby and my livelyhood are one. I'm a computer geek. I'm trying to get my own business started building computers. Need a computer built for you? I can do it! :)
Ummmm, my family is a sore spot right now, maybe later I can add more about that... my friends are scattered all over California. Lunatic has come back to the valley from SF. James finally married Teri and is able to maintain his occupation (not easy in these turbulent times!). Chris has moved from Texas to Yreka, so I get to go up there twice a year.