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I chose Tokyo because most of my story ideas are for Ranma fanfics and I thought Tokyo would be the best place for them.
I'll be converting portions of my stories into html format soon for comments.

If you can't wait til then, I highly recommend going to Richard Lawson's fanfic page .
My Ranma stories are all based on his version of the Ranma universe, which, in my opinion, brought a whole new dimension to Rumiko Takahashi's characters.

Read the stories below to get a feel for what's to come:
Heart of the Home
The Right Side of the Ledger
Thy Inward Love

In the meantime, you can catch previews of my own stories in my fanfics section. Tell me what you think!

My own original works.
Take your pick:

Updated! 12/31/2002 Happy New Year! New poems In the Heart and Resolution posted.
07/16/2002 New formatting on Gobliiins with graphics!
04/16/2002 New poem Alone Is Relative added.
01/30/2002 Fushigi Yuugi fic A-ni updated.
01/13/2002 New synopses added for All in the Same Boat and A-ni.
12/09/2001 Gundam Wing fic All in the Same Boat posted.
12/02/2001 New poetry posted.
12/02/2001 Cardcaptor fic Festival of the Moon revised with new title graphic!







If you've ever played the Gobliiins or Woodruff games by Sierra's Coktel division, then you'll know what you may be in for. King Angoulafre has gone crazy. Can three amateur goblins cure their ailing monarch?

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