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Hello and Welcome to Wayfan27.com, I know it has been a while since we updated the site and i apologise for this but there have been a few technical problems with the computers here. Yes I know it would help if we could get descent computers (we are runnign on a HP Vectra Pentium 166mhz with 80 mb or RAM. And a clone built, Pentium 2, 233 mhz with 123 mb of RAM lol I know why would I broadcast it. Anyway Im trying to take some advice from the people signing the guest book, I am trying to give it a professional look by making a uniform look for ever page in the site. You will also see that I have moved the Wayfan27 banner to the left an put a caption telling you where you are in the top right hand Corner. Any way some of us have to work so it will take a while but when ever i get a spare minute i will jump on and do soem work. Another point That I would like to address is the fact that people are vandalising the guest book If it does not stop I will have to check every guest book entry and refuse certain entrys I would Like you to check out Andrew 1 and 2 That are both scipted websites from youarelame.com (i think)
and isgay.com. They have no connection with my site but if you would like to see some ones name there please let me know and i will link it for you. I will shortly be making a page to show you all about the team here at wayfan27 If you dont rember there is Me (Wayfan27), Brenden (Preist) and (Lee) Bender. Im going to go now so if4 i dont update this page before then Merry X-mas and about the new year who cares its gunna be shitty.

Thanks, The Team at Wayfan27.com

P.S.  I Would like to take this chace to welcome Vanessa to the Wayfan27 Team her user name is Goddess Dom and she is our "ideas woman".
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