Need a vacation? How about a virtual vacation? Hot Car Graphic

Imagine yourself barrelling down the highway, good friend in tow, Dunkin' Donuts on the dashboard, windows rolled down, and the stereo filling the air with music. Sound appealing?

Pot of Gold Graphic Now imagine you are in hot pursuit of a tremendous fortune in cash, with only a gothic novel as your roadmap, as you try to decipher the mental workings of an eccentric millionaire.

Sounds like a good novel, eh? Well, it is.

Book Image

Or rather. . . it WILL be.

Join budding virtual novelists Mr. Chris Czajka and Ms. Kay Peterson as they resurrect the serial novel, 2K style--on the Internet. Plug into their new website for thrilling weekly installments of the ever-unfolding story. Watch the clues pile up as you get to know surprisingly familiar characters. . .where the next person you meet may be yourself!

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Special thanks to Dan's Graphics for the spiffy pics on this page and three cheers to Kristen Freilich for designing our "Waylaid" title graphic!!

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