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22nd November 2005
Welcome to my home page
          Hello. I am Waymond Chong, a property negotiator from Oriental Realty (E30050), Subang branch. I am selling and renting property in Klang Valley, Malaysia. I do arrange the lawyer and banker if the buyer require the helps.
          I create this home page is trying to provide as much information as I can. This is because most of the clients that I deal with are lack of the proper information about the buy and sell procedures, real property gain tax, etc. Please do visit to this home page if you think this home page is helpful.
          If you have any query or comment please send me an email. I will try my best to clear your query. Thank you.
Interested for particular area but hard and unable to find seller?
      We can help you to find, just mention the area, what type of property and your budget (in klang valley only) and email to me at and we will try to find seller for you. For your information, the agent fee is only charged to the seller.
Want to make extra income without quiting your current job?
      Well, if you have a mind that you wish to make extra income without quiting your current job, we can offer to you by not taking much from your time and effort. What you need to do is that refer whoever house buyer or seller that you know to us. We will pay you the referrer fee from part of our commission if the deal is closed. Yes, thats all that you have to do for making extra income with us.
      Just send us the house buyer or seller contact number and name (your full name as well) via email or SMS. We will do the rest like contact the seller or buyer, do the best to close the deal.

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