UFOS caught on video

UFO video from Bill Hamilton (SKYWATCH) was recorded in California USA and filmed at night time with a NightVision camera. A UFO flys by a jet at high speed, it does a severe curve and must have taken several Gs.This particular kind of footage is quite rare as night filming proves to be a difficult and costly process for the average ufo cameraman.


This video is quite interesting as it was presented anonymously with documented evidence of an alleged landing on a farm during August of 1991, Carp, Ontario in Canada.The evidence was posted from someone who only gave their name as the Guardian. Special thanks to Jacques Poulet for the additional info on this particular case.


March 10 2001 - From the Sattva Sanctuary. A huge UFO on the ground on the side of Mt. Adams. This UFO is around 5000 ft. up in a place only accessible by hiking or climbing.


Summer 2001 Film shows an apparant ufo crash not sure about this one you decide


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