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Wayne O'Keefe, Certified Attunement Practitioner
London, Ontario, Canada

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Events (Toronto)

A Season of Sound

The Dreaming Friday, Nov. 23rd 7:30 10 pm at 1443 Bathurst. $15

Drumming a Path to Well-Being, Sunday, Nov. 27th 10 am 5 pm at the Transformational Arts College (contact lindak@transformationalarts.com)

Sonica Sanctus Tuesday, Dec. 6th 7 9 pm at 1443 Bathurst. $20

NIA Workout with Martha Randall and live music Saturday, Dec. 10 Two morning classes at 1443 Bathurst (contact martha.r@sympatico.ca)

The VIBE A Dusk to Dawn Event Friday, Dec. 16th Space is limited so contact gdiggins@aol.com to register or receive further details. All art materials and musical instruments supplied for an evening of self-exploration and expression. $90

Winter Solstice Celebration Tuesday, Dec. 20th at 1443 Bathurst from 7:30 10 pm. $20 Please reserve a place through gdiggins@aol.com

Radiant Gatherings - Healing Circles, Attunement Therapy
Done on a donation basis.

This can be done at almost any location such as a church or home.

Like Spirit itself, Soul's essence seems always to remain beyond literal definition.
Like Love, Soul may be known but not encompassed
Like fragrance, sensed but never grasped
Like the wind, undeniably present, but not to be contained.

Origin - Attunement is a sacred healing art, and spiritual practice that increases one's experience of Indwelling Source. It sees the human body as a dynamic holistic self-healing expression of a deeper spiritual self. The practice of attunement today has developed out of work begun in 1929 by Lloyd Arthur Meeker. Attunement acknowledges that each of us is a combination of Human, physical substance drawn from the earth, and Being, an invisible, animating life force. Inherent in Being is a well spring of energy and specific purpose, yet the connection with our beingness has been clouded by various experiences including stress, conflict and disease. Attunement is a process of clarifying and deepening our connection with Being so a more vivid experience of personal oneness is known characterized by wholeness, peace and abundant personal power.

In Attunement Work we realize that in addition to the Lymphatic System and other major Systems the 7 'Chakras' provide the (-) Responsive Complement to the 7(+) 'Endocrine Glands'.

"Radiant Transformation Through Vibrational Responsibility"

More about Attunement

"How's your life going"

Technique - The core technique of attunement is the sharing of a radiant energy current through the hands of the attunement practitioner. During an attunement the hands of the practitioner are held over (usually not touching) areas of the body. The practitioner uses his or her sensitivity to energetically work with the vibrational field of the client.

This assists in activating a free flow of life between physical and spiritual dimensions. The endocrine system of seven ductless glands are given specific emphasis. Attunement notes the relationship between endocrine glands and the energy centres known in the orient as chakras. Balancing the energy flow through these gateways, as well as organs, body systems and energy meridians, helps to bring health and well being on very deep and fundamental levels.

It is practised throughout North America in homes, hospitals and in the work place and has been adopted by many professionals within the healing arts.

Attunement supports any technique which honours the presence of Being in all forms, and a practitioner may use complementary modalities to support a client's experience.

Training as a practitioner of attunement is attained by taking a series of five accredited courses leading to certification by the International Emissaries Attunement Guild. The School of Attunement in Ontario operates out of King View Spiritual Retreat And Conference Centre north of Toronto.

Code of Ethics

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Attunement Guild

Attunement Centre Victoria British Columbia

The Institute of Applied Ontology

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My Background
- Throughout my life, I have been aware of the importance of the Being we speak of when we say Human Being. My studies of spiritual truths have always reaffirmed attunement as a vital modality in an individual's quest to know themselves as a vibrant aspect of creation.

From a very young age I have been associated with the practice of attunement. I decided to practice the art and became certified in 1999.

I will make home or hospital visits to those in need.

Email: Wayne O'Keefe

Free Brochures available on request


London Ontario


Email: Wayne O'Keefe
519 495 7944
Our time zone is the sameas Toronto and Detroit

Allow Attunement to:
Deeply relax & renew
Support a healing process
Deepen a connection with spirit
Nurture life transitions and change
Enfold a person or situation



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"Let love radiate without concern for results"

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